Black Friday sin

I think I have committed a Black Friday sin. I get the impression that Black Friday is used to get your Christmas shopping underway, or heck, if you are really good, you might even get it finished.

Well, see, what had happened was:I went shopping, and didn’t buy one single gift for anyone but myself.

Some jackass broke into my car and stole my Garmin. Now, I’m quite reliant upon my Garmin, and I kind of feel like part of me is missing.

So, I was browsing the Black Friday ads to see if anyone was practically giving away a Garmin, and guess who was? Did you guess? No, not Best Buy, but I think they had one on sale. Staples! Staples had the Garmin Nuvi 265wt. The darn thing practically drives the car for you. No, but really, it tells you where there are accidents, also gives you current restaurant promotions. Seriously, it told us that Red Lobster Surf  ‘n Turf is like $14.99 right now. Crazy. My old Garmin never did that.

and then, the craziest thing happened. My car drove me to JcPenney. Crazy car.

I might have stumbled over to the jewelry counter and took a gander at the birth stone rings. You see, I’ve been really wanting a right hand ring. For like, 2 years. Well, almost. Our anniversary is in February, so it will be 2 years in February.

Plus, my birthday is coming up. So, I bought myself a birthday present from Chris. Ha ha ha.


Not the greatest picture. Rings are hard to take pictures of. My birth stone is a Topaz. The sales guy said it’s “sky blue topaz.” Whatever, it’s pretty.

I also got some hair stuff from Jcpenney that was a SUPAH good deal! Then I came home. I can’t handle crowds, Staples, and JcPenney was plenty.

We spent the rest of the day in Davenport with Chris’ family. It was good to spend a few hours down there and catch up with his family. We also go to go back to our old neighborhood and see some friends. Fun times!

Want to see a few pictures from the half. I “stole” these from David with Suncoast Striders:










Carolyn & me around mile 6. Still feeling okay at this point.









13 miles later, the finish line. Phew.

Happy Black Friday ya’ll


2 thoughts on “Black Friday sin

  1. Yay for a new Garmin!! You did better with shopping on Black Friday than me (because I didn’t even make it to the stores). Sometimes getting good deals on things you personally need makes more sense anyhow. I’m sure you’ll still get your Christmas shopping done too 🙂 Happy Thsnksgiving!

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