Obligatory Thanksgiving post.

Everyone and their mother is writing posts about what they are thankful for. I feel obligated. I mean, I’m thankful for these things year round. I guess I’ll tell you the thing I’m thankful for. You probably won’t even read it. Every blogger has written this exact same list. Maybe I should just skip it. Yeah, I think I will.

Here are some links to blogs that did post about all they are thankful for, enjoy!

Eat Well. Be Well. Live Well
Cow Spot and Tales
Queer Vegan Runner
Karing for Keegan

I’ll just show you a few pictures of our Thanksgiving so far. There are more to come, I’m sure.

Chris and I ventured over to my Mom’s house around lunch time. Chris worked outside, while I helped my Mom in the kitchen. I’m ready for turkey! turkey! turkey!

Not the great picture, but whatever. It’s me and my neice Kailyn, we are making broccoli salad, yum!

Aw, I just got to see my good friend Kelly, darn, I didn’t take a picture of us. I should have. Crap. She lives in Macon and we don’t see each other, or really talk often enough. It was so good to catch up w/ her. Dare I say I’m thankful for her friendship. Fine, I’ll show you an old picture of us.


uhm yes, I’m the blonde. $4 coffee.. that is that the 4 fingers are for.

Kay, back to thanksgiving.

Making broccoli salad. Yum!

Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll!


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