Some piece of trash broke into , or maybe just opened my door, and stole my i-pod(s) and my GPS out of my car.

I always put my stuff (purse & backpack) on the passengers side; and when I opened the door I noticed my glove box was open. I really didn’t think twice about it, I thought maybe Chris had been looking for something. Whatever. Then I was driving to work and I wanted to listen to something on my Ipod (my car has an aux cord that was made for Ipods).. So i opened my center console and didn’t see my Ipod. Weird. Then I realized the cord for the ipod was hanging out the other side of my console. Even weirder. Then I start looking for my other Ipod (yah, I have a touch and a nano).. not in my glove box, i’m starting to get annoyed.

Then I looked @ my cigarette lighter and realized my GPS wasn’t plugged in, and it wasn’t on my windshield. Sometimes it falls down so I looked around and realized it was gone. Some douchecanoe broke into my car.

I called Chris. Told him my stuff was gone. He tells me that his door wasn’t shut all the way this morning when he went to get into his truck. FUGH.

He is now @ work, and in his work truck so he can’t check out his truck, so they or may not have taken some stuff out of his glove box.douchecanoes.

I called the police as soon as I got upstairs to my office and decided I’d wait till we were both at home to file the report and have them come out.

Then I started freaking out about OMG I don’t think I locked the front door, oh my gosh what if they went in my Dad’s apartment (he wasn’t there last night). Yah, i have a total break down and start freaking out.

I called a local pawn shop and he told me that I need to file a police report, and that they can’t tell me anything that has been brought in. That doesn’t really make sense to me- If you understand that rule, feel free to explain. I can go there and buy stuff, but I can’t know if someone pawned my stuff? huh?

So, then I called the police again and had them come and take my report, I can’t stand sitting around doing nothing. The Office came, and he was really nice. I started crying, again, as soon as he pulled up and asked me how I was doing. HA.

He then told me that I was not the only person to call this morning that several other people in my neighborhood had called and said that their vehicles had also been broken into.  In a weird way, I felt better. Like, at  least we weren’t targeted specifically. I do not wish theft upon anyone, but I found weird comfort in it.

The Officer told me that they get a list of things that are brought to the pawn shop on Wednesdays and they compare items that have been reported stolen w/ items on the pawn list. So, there is a small, small, small chance that I may actually see my stuff again. small. I emphasize the word small.

Lesson Learned. Lock my car always. I guess they could have broken in even if the car was locked.

Ugh. Happy Tuesday Ya’ll.


6 thoughts on “Violated.

  1. Ugh, that stinks. There has been a rash of break-ins in my town lately. They are taking people’s garage door openers and the paperwork from their glove boxes (to get the address that the opener goes with). It totally freaks me out. Hopefully your stuff turns up. Either way I can imagine that it is just a crappy feeling. 😦 ::hugs::

  2. So sorry Jena; that’s awful. I really hope you get your things back and that you don’t discover anything else missing. Hope your day gets better from here!

  3. That is horrible, and a horrible feeling.

    Two years ago I came home from a run to see the little back window of The Husband’s Civic coupe smashed in. Turns out some asshats broke into his car and stole his head unit, amp, subwoofer and custom sub box. All stiff from his big pimpin’ high school days but still worth about $2,000. They ripped his car up pretty bad, but the real kicker is that his drivers door was broken and wouldn’t lock…they broke a window to get into an unlocked door…!

    We filed a claim with our car insurance company and they were awesome about it. We ended up getting money through insurance because the police never recovered anything. Since the ipod and gps aren’t part of your car the car insurance probably won’t help, but I’d look into filing a claim with renters or homeowners insurance…

    Sorry this happened to you, it sucks!

    • Thanks ladies- They did no damage to my car, just took my stuff. Someone else mentioned homeowners but our deductible is probably $500, and at most that is what the ipods/gps was worth. My birthday is coming up , and Christmas so maybe Santa & the birthday fairy will replace my stuff =)

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