I must be crazy, right?

Would it surprise you to know that I already have my next half-marathon planned, and the training plan printed out?

Yah, me either.

Yesterday when we were struggling through miles 10-13, telling each other to embrace the suck, I mentally swore off half marathons. What happened, you ask? My freakin’ pride. It get’s in the way sometimes. I can not have that Women’s Half Marathon conquer me. C-A-N’-T.

This morning as I was talking to Carolyn about possibly running another half. We talked about needing/wanting a longer training plan.  We thought 16 weeks would be good.  16 weeks gives us a few times to miss runs, whereas, 12 weeks doesn’t. She travels, I’m drowning in school; We will need those extra weeks, I’m sure. I also thought this would give us a few weeks break, maybe a month. wrong. The half is on March 20th. 16 weeks of training would begin on November 29th, as in, next Monday. OMG readers, that is soon.

Note: I’m not saying Carolyn is doing the half. She thinks I’m crazy too. We did talk about it briefly this morning though.

What am  I doing to myself? This is bonkers. emphasis on bonkers.

So, I present to you, my readers, (I won’t even joke about all 2 of you, because everyone uses that joke).. My new training plan. training. (Yeah, it won’t let me upload the document, or I just don’t know how to do it right. It’s probably the latter. ) PS.THE DOCUMENT IS UPSIDE DOWN. MY SCANNER WAS BEING UNRULY THIS MORNING.

I suppose you would also like to know which half I plan on running. http://www.floridabeachhalfathon.com

This was the half I ran for my first ever half. You can read the report, here. Or, you can just look @ the splits:

Kudos to you if you are still reading this really long, and crazy entry.

I came home today and did 2 easy miles (19:28, 9:38 pace) on the treadmill. I wanted to see how my legs felt. I was actually pleased that running didn’t hurt. Walking, and sitting, well, that’s another story.

Good Night, Ya’ll. I have homework to attend to.


5 thoughts on “I must be crazy, right?

  1. I’ve been waivering on my future race plans. One day I’ll tell you that I’m running a March half marathon. The next day I will claim that I want to run a March marathon. But, two days after that I will say that racing is stupid and that it sucks the fun out of running.

    I think I’m on autopilot training-wise until after New Year’s, then I’ll have to make a decision.

    Good luck with your new training plan and your next race!

  2. Nah- you’re not crazy. It helps to have a goal race to train for. Besides, the first weeks of a training plan really aren’t much more than maintenance mileage, so it’s not as though you are committing to 10 mile long runs every weekend until March 😀 Just give yourself an easy week or two, maybe schedule your longest long runs into your calendar now and then be flexible.

    BTW – I can’t believe how much you rocked that first half. I’d forgotten you ran sub-9:00 pace. I am way jealous. Maybe if I manage to keep up my 20 miles per wk through the winter I can run an awesome half in the spring like you!!

    I like the new theme too. This if the one I used for awhile, and I still debate going back to it. Just try some different pics of your own in the header and see what you like. Have fun being in construction mode.

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