“Embrace the Suck”- Race Report

Well, how should I start out this race report? Should I tell about the best sign on the course? Okay, I’ll start there.

Embrace the Suck” wins the best sign of the course award. I don’t even think I have to really write a race report because that sign just sums it right up pretty nicely, wouldn’t you say?

Fine. I’ll write a darn report.

My day started early 4:30am-ish. I stayed in St. Pete about 10 minutes from the start line. I found a parking garage @ 6, and met Carolyn & Allison a few minutes later.

Race start was 7am. We lined up @ the front of the 2nd Corral. Horn sounded, and we were off. Carolyn mentioned something about our pace and I looked @ my watch and it was completely different from what hers was saying. Crap. I reset it, and then started it over again @ mile 1. So, you will not see my mileage splits right now (Don’t worry they aren’t impressive anyways) , I have to wait for Carolyn to post her so I can steal them from her =) .

Miles 7 was kinda cool, we went out on the St. Pete pier, they had GU @ 7.5 (ew, i didn’t try, that stuff freaks me out). Miles 8, & 9 were pretty uneventful, there was a good band at mile 9. They were playing a good song, which I can’t remember what it was. Maybe Carolyn knows?

Mile 10, Oh Mile 10, I hated you so much, you were the start of my downfall. Damn you mile 10. So, let it be known that 10 miles was my longest training run. So now we are entering into uncharted territory. (yes, this is my 2nd half, so I have run over 10 miles before, but that was back in March). So, mile 10 was over by the Tropicana field and it was pretty tortuous. We ran past the field, then back towards the field, then through the parking lot, and then, the worst part. Through the field. Ew, It was not fun. It was hot, stinky, and running on astro turf is not my cup of tea.

Mile 11. I hate you too.Stopped to walk for a minute

Mile 12. Hate you. stopped to walk for a minute.

Mile 13. I kept telling Carolyn, we are almost there, almost there. She kept saying, not close enough, I can’t see the finish.

Oh, I forgot to add that we saw the Embrace the Suck sign @ mile 7.5, and we saw her 2 more times before we finished. We also kept saying, “Embrace the Suck.” I need a running shirt w/ that on it.

Finally, we threw our hands in the air like we just don’t care, and crossed the finish line.

Grabbed some water, our pretty medals, some food, and found a place to hang out.

ooooo, pretty!!!

Whew. Glad that’s over. I knew going in that I was severely under-trained. Here, I’ll even show how under-trained I was.

My last 4 weeks of training consisted of 7 runs. Hm, I’m not a running genius, but I somehow think that might be bad.

I guess I started training in Sept. I really don’t know. I was doing so good, and then, I realized I wasn’t going to finish school If I didn’t get my ass in gear and crack down. You live and you learn, right?

So, remember that redemption run I mentioned that we were going to run if we didn’t come in under 2 hrs?

WAIT, did I even tell you what our finish time was? OMG, my brain is mush. Wow, the official results are up already.

Gun time: 2:08:16
Chip time: 2:07:58 {whew, just barely squeaked in}
AG- 127/who knows how many
Sex: 908  (this was mostly all women)
OA: 960/4746 .. The top 1000 ain’t bad, right?

So yesterday I heard someone say there were 10,000 runners, and the last weekend someone told me 7,000.. but according to the results that is not the case. Hm.

So, that redemption run. Not. Happening. I’m done w/ 13.1 miles for a while. Maybe March. Maybe I can PR and beat my old time on the same course. Sounds like a plan.

Next race is a Jingle Bell run on Dec 4th.

Happy Weekend, Ya’ll.


8 thoughts on ““Embrace the Suck”- Race Report

  1. Embrace the suck shirt… It will be my christmas-I-wouldn’t-have-finished-this-race-without-you present for you (and me!). I’ll try to find a good place to buy them online.

    Great recap. We finished. That’s what matters.

  2. “Embrace the Suck” – definitely a new and creative slogan 😀 Sorry you didn’t get in the training you wanted, but you still ran the race, finished and got a sweet medal! Good luck finshing all your school stuff. I defintely think once you’ve got more time to train you can set a new PR.

    Glad you posted your report tonight, as I was wondering how the race went. Congrats!

  3. Embrace the Suck – I love it! Sounds like my last half. I have a half on Thursday and I’m really not motivated. The high for the day is 82 and that just murdered any motivation I may have had. I was really hoping for a PR too.

  4. I like the “Embrace the Suck” motto. That pretty much sums up my last few half marathons.

    I can’t imagine trying to work, go to school, and train for a race all at the same time. I think you have done great accomplishing all that and honestly, out of all of those things, the running should be the thing to slide if anything has to. Congrats on running a really solid race!

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