Here’s the plan.



Did you see it? No? Oh, that’s because we don’t have one.

The only race logistics that Carolyn and I have actually planned, is what corral we are going to start in. I got placed in 1, and she is in 2. Since she can’t move up, but I can’t move back, 2 will be our starting position.

Yah, that’s about all we got. We have a *goal* time in mind, and even a goal pace, but let’s not get crazy and put that on the interwebz for everyone to see! She might have, but I’m not linking you to her blog, just-in-case. Bah! If you really want to know you probably just have to go back a few posts and I’m sure she is linked somewhere, and when you’d have to search her posts to find out if she posted it anywhere. I don’t know if she did or not.

So, that was a really long, and pretty meaningless paragraph, huh?

I’m procrastinating doing homework, can you tell?

I’m going to create a blog-roll one of these days, but I can’t figure out how to get it on the side of my blog. HELP!

Actually, I really want a blog that is nifty looking like Cow Spots and Tales. I have no idea how Lisa did that. Maybe she will chime in and help her fellow February 2009 bride out! (Lisa?!)

Back to our plan; So basically, the plan is, we’ll see how we feel.

Good Huh? I think it’s going to work out. My nerves are getting the best of me for sure. I’m feeling a little mental, like, I’m just ready to get this show on the road already.

I’m already counting down the miles and we aren’t even at the start line yet, this could be bad.

Welp, I hope all this whining is for nothing and that we totally rock the half on Sunday.

Happy Weekend ya’ll, be back Sunday!



2 thoughts on “Here’s the plan.

  1. I’m glad you think my blog is nifty; thanks 🙂 I actually don’t have a blogroll either ( and should make one), but I’m thinking you just need to add a widget. If you go to your dashboard, under appearance there should be a link to widgets. You can just drag and drop features like a calendar, RSS Feed, Top Posts, etc. If blogroll isn’t an option there, you may just want to create a page for it. Then it will appear as a tab just like your about page. Is any of that helpful? If not, just reply and I’ll see if I can help. I am still not an expert at wordpress, but I’m learning.

    Have fun at your half!! I think you ladies will do great for sure 😀

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