I felt like I was flying yesterday when I went on my 3mi run. My legs haven’t moved that fast since the last 5k I did a few months ago.

Whew! It felt great. My breathing was a little wonky, I felt like everyone could hear me. I did get a side cramp around 2.5mi and had to slow my pace a tad to catch my breath and get that pesky side cramp to go away. Then I was able to step it back up for the last half mile and bring it on home.

That run really helped me to feel a little more confident about the half-marathon I am running this weekend.

Click to make it larger and actually be able to read the numbers.

Did you even know I was running a half-marathon this weekend? I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t. I haven’t talked much about it lately, or at all really.

I’m pretty nervous that I’m under-trained. My longest run was 10mi, and I know that some training plans don’t go over 10mi, but still. I can’t remember what my longest run for my last half was, maybe 11. That 10 miler was several weeks ago. I did 8 this past weekend, so we’ll see.

I don’t even know if I should put my goal(s) out there for the world to see, that makes them more real.

If I do not meet my goals I already have a back up race planned for Dec 12th (I’ll be 26 on the 10th, WHHAATTT!)

I can’t believe I’m already 26, where did the years go. Chris has been telling me for a few years that the older you get, the quicker it goes. I think he might be right about that. I swear it feels like I just turned 21!

Happy Thursday Ya’ll!


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