Royal Madness.

Edit: I wrote this post in a hurry last night, I’ll update now w/ some pictures, and the cutest interview of Prince William, and soon-to-be Princess Kate. Yay!

Pretty much everyone and their mother is obsessed w/ the fact that Prince William & Kate Middleton are engaged now. Are you?

I admit, I kind of am. I just read on (yah, I know SUPER reliable new source, bahah), that they are doing a 60minute special tomorrow night on the love story of the Prince & Kate. AWww, I hope I don’t forget to tune in, I want to watch.

Also, I can’t wait to find out if they are going to televise the big event, you can bet your fake British accent I’ll be parked in-front of the TV {with the rest of the world} watching the big event. ooooweeeee, I can hardly wait to see her wedding gown. I don’t even really like weddings, but I’m uber excited about this. Lame-O.

The Ring. Discuss. Do you likey, or no likey?

I can’t decide. I likey, sort of, but only because it is was Princess Di’s.. The style is not my fave.

Good Night. I’m drinkin’ coffee & doing homework.

5 thoughts on “Royal Madness.

    • I like the vingtage look, it’s just huge. I can’t get into the color center stone look. But I have heard that it’s common in other countries to have a color center stone rather then a diamond.

      Wow, I’m surprised that she ordered it from a catalog, so, un-princess-y — I also read yesterday that it was worth 65k.. that was surprising, I was thinking more then that. — There is an article on her ring, she did buy it from a catalog… It says that anyone that had 65k in the 80’s could have bought the same ring.

      “Diana’s choice of jewelry caused a stir both in the royal family and the concerned public. This is because of the fact that Princess Diana’s engagement ring isn’t a unique one at all”

      What a strong lady to totally go against what her soon-to-be Royal family thought she should have.

  1. I totally like the history bits on this! Princess Di was definitely classy; she didn’t need a multi-million dollar custom ring. As Carolyn said, just another reason why she was awesome.
    I like vintage and classic looks. Colored stones are pretty too, but not sure I would pick one. (I didn’t pick my ring, so I still don’t know what I would have picked if it would have been up to me. I love my classic style though.) I mainly shy away from this one because it’s too huge for me to wear while I do chores 🙂 I wear gloves and rarely take off my ring because I’d probably misplace it.

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