Honey hole

We got up early this morning and went fishing. Last week when Chris was loading up the boat he got to talk to the FL Game Warden, and another boater and they told him about a spot to go where he would catch fish.

We headed out around 7am, we caught a few little bait fish in the cast net then headed over to the “spot.”

When we started coming into the spot I saw some huge fish that looked like Jack Crevalles, but I thought for sure they couldn’t be Jacks because I though Jack’s only liked open water.

We kept seeing the fish over and over again but couldn’t quite tell what they were. This spot was amazing! It was like being at an aquarium, there were literally thousands of fish. Mostly mullet, but there were quite a few other kinds of fish swimming around.

and then…it.HAPPENED! FISH ON!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I’m seriously like a little kid when I get a fish, I get so excited and bounce around. This was a BIG fish. It was pulling drag out like crazy, and I had a super hard time trying to reel that baby in. It took me probably 5-7 minutes, maybe more, to reel him up to the boat so Chris could grab the line. OMG so much fun!

Chris recorded a few videos for your viewing pleasure. He had to quit recording and restart a few times because I needed help, and he was controlling the trolling motor.

drum roll please…………………………………………………….

I realize I look like a boy. That is my, I don’t care if I get fish guts on it outfit. That sweater is from when I worked @ Bass Pro Shop in Orlando in 2003. The jeans are from high school, which I graduated from in 2003. The shoes are even older. =/    I got that handy dandy ear warmer last week in Ohio, who knew it would get some use so soon.

Chris also got a good sized trout. We couldn’t keep him because they are not in season. Oh, we didn’t keep the Jack Crevalle, they are nasty.

Happy Sunday!

Oh, I forgot to tell you why the post is called Honey Hole. Chris called it that because there were so many fish in this area. It was insane, I loved every second of it!

See all the mullet?


5 thoughts on “Honey hole

    • We love to fish! I’ve been fishing since I was old enough to hold my own rod & reel. It’s the “thing” that Chris & I love to do together.

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