How did I forget?

I forgot to run. I just plum forgot to run. How does that happen? This is not a good habit I have developed, not running that is. Bah!

I had to go grocery shopping after work, we were down to the bare minimum in the food department. I haven’t gone grocery shopping, like really shopping in far to long. It’s embarrassing.

Then I came home, put the groceries away and started picking up the house. Then we enrolled in our 2011 insurance benefits, ate dinner, and I started a test for school that took 2.5hrs. It was 10pm before I even knew what happened. Ugh.

Welp, maybe tomorrow.

The good news is I passed my exam with a 90%, phew. Those exams are SO nerve-wracking. My heart starts racing as soon as I point my mouse towards the “Submit for grade” button. Ah!

Now that the test is out of the way maybe I can get a few miles in tomorrow before my 8miles on Saturday. This is so lame. I am seriously wondering how I am going to meet my goal of finishing under 2hrs. I think Carolyn is going to have to drag me the last few miles. =/  OR she might just have to leave me in her dust.

We shall see.

Night ya’ll, have some homework to finish up.


2 thoughts on “How did I forget?

  1. Holy crap, after a 2.5 hour exam I would need a run…or a really long sleep! Whoo hoo to the 90%, you rock!

    Those are all pretty legit reasons to forget a run, at least you’ve got “good excuses” to not run! Good luck with your run tomorrow and Saturday! 🙂

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