Brr Baby, it’s cold outside..

Warning: Picture overload in this post.

It’s supposed to be nice in Florida this weekend, but, I won’t be here to enjoy it. I’m leaving on a jet plane tomorrow for rural {hardest word to pronounce} Ohio.  Like rural ya’ll, dial-up internet rural. yah.

I’m ashamed to admit that I have not run since Monday, and that was only 1 mile. My knee was feeling kind of wonky for a few days so I wanted to fully rest it. Well, it hasn’t been feeling wonky but I still haven’t run.

In my defense, I’ve been trying to get as much homework done as possible since I doubt I’ll get much done while we are in Ohio. I also had to figure out how to pack for 4 days {in freezing weather} in one duffel bag. Uhm, yah. Challenging doesn’t even begin to describe that experience. I finally decided I’m going to have to re-wear jeans, and I can only bring my running shoes, and the shoes I plan on wearing on the plane.  I don’t know how ya’ll cold weather people do it. I need to be able to wear flip flops year round, they take up so much less space in your suitcase, er duffle bag.

We are flying on AllegiantAir. I don’t know where these people came up w/ the suitcase dimensions but they are not normal. I have two smaller suit cases, both of which are to big for the Allegiant dimensions. WTH? 

I think they forecasted snow in Ohio today, oh dear. Fortunately while we are there it’s supposed to be a little, uh, warmer? Can 40something be considered warmer?

I think I want to start incorporating more pictures into my blog. What do you think? No one likes reading tons, and tons of writing with no pictures to break it up. So, what do you want to see pictures of?

Me @ my sister’s Bachelorette party 3 years ago. Does that even look like me?

Speaking of looks; Are you the type of person who leaves your hair the same style/color for-ev-er and ever, amen?

Or, do you like to change it up? I’m sure you can tell that I like to change it up some. Nothing to drastic, except for when I went from bleach blonde to almost black. Since I’ve gone almost black, I haven’t been back, HAHA (my hair, I’m talking about my hair)

LOLz , how about this one:

Don’t hate. Obviously i’m the munckin w/ the crazy hair and the blue arrow pointed @ my head. Ya’ll, good times were had in that little blanket tent thing in my Grandma’s back yard. Don’t hate on us cuz we’re like, 5 yrs old and drinkin’ some coke and eatin’ cookies! This was a long hard day of playing in the sprinkler at Grandma’s house, mmmkay.

I guess we’ll see if any of my cousins read this, I might get some hate comments headed my way. Bahahahah!

Check out that curl that is flying straight out of my neice’s head.

Alright, I’ll stop assaulting you with pictures. I just really love looking at pictures. I love blogs with a lot of pictures. I think pictures are a big part of a person’s life, and I love “seeing” other people’s lives.

Happy Friday, Ya’ll!


5 thoughts on “Brr Baby, it’s cold outside..

  1. Geez…giving Ohio a hard time! I live in that part of the country with no cable internet…or cable TV. I was really surprised when I called the cable company and found that out. When the previous owner of our house said there was no cable, I thought she meant that she didn’t subscribe to cable, not that it wasn’t available at all!

    I agree, packing for cold weather in a carry-on is tough! Especially since my favorite footwear is cowboy boots and I never leave home without my running shoes. Very creative packing…

    • I like Ohio- I haven’t been since I was a kid, but I like it there. I guess I just didn’t even think about the fact that we wouldn’t have internet access {i have school that needs to get done while we are there so that’s why I’m even thinking about internet}.
      So, what do you do for internet? Dial-up? and no cable? Not even satellite?

      Where my mom lives has only had high speed internet, and cable access for a few years. They used to have a satellite {that sucked}.

      We are going to be in Putnam County.

    • The first part of the post is focused.. then it just ventures off into picture land. ha ha

      Trust me, I will be missing my running pal when Im’ running in freezing cold weather, by myself. Ah!

  2. Have a good trip! Hopefully it won’t be too cold. In Minnesota we’re supposed to get into the low 60’s this weekend, so I hope you get some of that weather in Ohio. I love pictures too. Sometimes I feel like I overload my blog with pictures. They make it easier to explain and show farm stuff and they are generally just fun. I LOVE the wedding pic of you and neice with the “crazy curl”

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