My first time

It was early, cold, dark, and with strangers. Yup, my first time running with a running group was this morning. They meet at the ass crack of dawn, well actually it’s before dawn shows it’s ass crack.. 6:15 A freakin’M – These people are early birds!

I met the “leader”, well, he appeared to be the leader, he was very nice and welcoming. He introduced me to a few ladies in the group who are also training for the women’s half marathon.

We headed out around 6:30, I quickly figured out they were going to run a much quicker pace then I. I hung for a few minute, then fell behind. I’m not trying to kill myself in the first mile, no thanks.

I also quickly found out this run wasn’t going to be as quick as I wanted, oh well.

Here’s how it went:

Not all that great, but not to shabby. After everyone is done with their run they hang out in the parking lot and talk, and eat food. It was a good time.

I have to toot my horn a little right here; This is something that I would never have done a year ago, heck, maybe even 6months ago. Running has totally pushed me outside my comfort zone and made me a much, uhm, more social person? I don’t know. Going to a running group, where I don’t know a single person is not something that the “old” me would do. I don’t know if its my confidence from running, the fact that I have no friends in H-Beach, or just that I’m 25 and a little more mature now. Whatever it is, I am proud of myself. Toot over. Thanks.

Next weekend I am doing a 1mi fun run with a friend who is starting to run. We are dressing up in costumes. More about that later.. it’s going to be interesting, that is for sure!

Happy Weekend, ya’ll!


4 thoughts on “My first time

  1. Glad you made it up early and went with the group!! I’ll bet it felt good to arrive home around 9am (or whenever) and know you’d already got your 10 miles in 🙂 have fun with the 1 mile in costume. I want to see pics!

  2. I’m so glad you went! I should have met my running group yesterday morning. I didn’t and then ended up blowing off my running. Booo.

    The burning question…are you going to go meet up with them again?

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