Dear Readers,

I’m a slacker. My posts have been few and far between, and really not all that interesting. I just don’t have extra time to commit right now. Sorry about that.

After February I will have a lot more time to blog, and talk about cool things, and maybe not so cool things.

This week has been low on runs. I ran 2mi on Monday, and 2 mi today. I can’t justify spending an hour running when I should be doing school work. I love running, but it’s not going to help me get my Coding certificate. I am still doing my long runs on the weekend, but my week day runs are lacking in, uhm, quantity?

This weekend I am going to attempt to run with a “local” running group. The “local” group is about an hour away, but that’s as good as it gets. My long run buddy is doing a triathlon this weekend so I figured I could try out this group and see how it goes.

Running 10 miles in my neighborhood is torturous. 10 miles require going up and down all the major streets and that’s awfully boring.  The running group leaves out of a park @ 6:15am. Yeah, that’s early. Oh well. I’ll be done running and back home by 10ish probably. What a great way to start the weekend, right?

Can we talk about Sister Wives for a second? I just have one word. WTH? I guess that’s not a word. so I have three words, What the Heck I am not even going to say anything else about that.

Night Ya’ll, it’s dinner time, then school work.


5 thoughts on “Dear Readers,

  1. Another thing i’ve never seen- sister wives. I guess I need to find it online. Or maybe I
    don’t need to.

    Have fun on your 10 miler!
    And enjoy the running club!

  2. New to your blog, love finding fellow Florida foodies!

    Good luck with all of your work, and with your running. I know exactly how you feel; sometimes its a struggle for me to justify running for an hour when I know how much work I could be getting done.

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