Crickets, do you hear them?

:::chirpchirp::: :::chirpchirp:::

That’s crickets in my blog. It’s been pretty quiet lately. I’ve been completely absorbed in school work. I don’t have to much to talk about. I’ve only gone on 2 runs this week and one of them was a complete and utter failure. I ended up running 3 miles, and walking the last mile back, might have been 1.5miles back. I don’t know. I turned my Garmin off.

My legs were SO heavy. My feet hurt, my shins hurt, that run just wasn’t happening. Oh well, bad runs happen.

I have 9miles planned w/ Carolyn tomorrow, I sure hope that goes better.

I am still have little jealousy pangs over all the Chicago Marathoners. Some of the talk is dying down but I keep torturing myself by googling “Chicaco Marathon Recaps” and reading about how everyones races went.

Oh well, my time will come- maybe.

Welp, that’s about it. I have work to do , and school work to do. Just wanted to drop in so you don’t think I’ve disappeared. =0

Happy Friday Ya’ll!

edit: Thanks Lisa for letting me know I forgot to title my post, again. =)

3 thoughts on “Crickets, do you hear them?

  1. You forgot to title your post again! Only this time it doesn’t look like WordPress generated a random title for you 🙂 How soon until you finish your school program? Have fun with the 9 miles tomorrow.

  2. Yes, I hope we feel ‘on’ tomorrow for our 9 miler… and that the weather is nice and cool like it was today. I had one great 4 mile run this week, one crappy 2 mile run after a spin class, and one great 2x1mile sprints. It is funny how the craptastic runs are what stay with me though.!

    See you tomorrow!

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