A few things.

I’m sitting here doing trying to do homework. I really can’t focus. I’ve been reading about Respiratory & Gastrointestinal diseases for hours.

I’ve been thinking about marathon-ing for weeks. All this talk about the Chicago Marathon {which was 10-10-10 in case you some how do not know that} , and then New York is coming up, and there were several other smaller marathons this last weekend, and several more coming up. Every where I look people are training for marathons. To be quite honest, I’m a little jealous. I want to feel that sense of accomplishment. Yes, it’s is an accomplishment to run 9.3miles, but I want more, more, more. It will be an accomplishment next month to complete the Womenshalfmarathon, I know that.

Earlier in the summer I had decided I was going to start training for a early Feb marathon. Then I realized I was very far behind in school and I just do not have the time to train properly. I don’t have 3-4 extra hours to run, I really don’t. 3-4 hours doesn’t seen like a lot in a 24hr day, but when I could be doing homework it is a lot.

So, I’m kind of sad about it. I think it is the right decision to postpone the marathon training until next Fall, even if it is a whole year away. Let’s be honest, training for a marathon through the summer sounds like the stupidest (is that even a word?) idea ever! I would LOVE to run Chicago.. again, let’s be honest. There is like a 0 in 2 trillion chances that I’d be able to travel to Chicago to run {albeit that would be bad ass, do you think I can convince the husband?}.. Maybe Disney next January? If I can get past the $135 registration fee possibly.

I took a rest day today. I had an easy 3miler scheduled but after yesterday’s race my left hip has been bothering me a little bit. I decided it would be better to make today a rest day rather than aggravate my hip even further.

Alright, fine. I’ve procrastinated long enough. Back to the homework.

Nite, Ya’ll.

4 thoughts on “A few things.

  1. I think our brains are connected somehow. I’m sitting at home reading Chicago marathon recaps and thinking the same thing… This January I thought maybe I’d train for a marathon this fall, and now I realize that a spring marathon is much more feasible with the farm schedule, but I’ll have to train thru winter. Which I hope to do and somehow balance with work, the farm and having a life… I think my H thinks I’m nuts, but I need him on board if I do this. So, I’ve got some convincing to do. GL with the school work!

  2. I hear ya on being jealous! I was in the Twin Cities during that marathon 2 weekends ago and with some perfect running conditions – I was dying to get out there and join in! I am running a marathon in November though…so my time will come soon enough!

    Have fun with the homework! 🙂

  3. I have marathon fever too! I’m already plotting the next one, but I can’t get Chris onboard with it. I really need a March or early April race based on my schedule, but I can’t find one that is cheap enough to get to with the right weather in the right time frame. (And seeing what happened with the weather in Chicago this weekend, it looks like I can’t count on the weather anywhere anyway!)

    • I would like to do one in March/April… but I don’t have time for the training until after Feb, and for a March /April I’d obviously have to start training well before that. Oh well. Such is life, right?

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