1yr Runniversary!

Congrats to me! This weekend is my 1 year runniversary. One year ago yesterday I ran my very first 5k!

This weekend I spent some time w/ my friend Sherry. Our running adventures started together. We started walking/jogging around a local lake to “get in shape” for a beach vacation that we were going on. That was the beginning of my running obsession.

My very first 5k time was 31:07, my best 5k time is 24:26. In the last year I have ran several 5ks, (2) 10ks, (2) 15ks, and I’m training for my 2nd half-marathon right now!

I didn’t start really running for any type of weight loss goals. I did lose 10 lbs over the course of a few months. I attribute that to healthier eating choices, laying off the mountain dew, and running.

Over the last year my self-confidence has boosted quite a bit. I am very very critical of my body and have a hard time with that. I often change clothes numerous times before deciding on something. I never used to wear any sort of tight fitting shirt. I was very uncomfortable in my skin.

Today I am a lot more confident in my body. I feel good about how I look and for the most part I wear the first thing I put on.

I love the way a long run makes me feel after wards. I don’t enjoy the soreness, but I enjoy that sense of accomplishment.




4 thoughts on “1yr Runniversary!

  1. Yay Jena! Crazy to look back and think how much you’ve accomplished in 1 year. What a great post; so glad you feel good ( and lookin’ good is always good too ;-))

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