Dear Contacts,

I hate you. Yeah, you. You stupid little piece of something that keeps irritating my eye. You are a jerk.

I’m having a rough morning with my R contact. WTH? I’ve washed it, washed it, washed it some more. Every time I put it in my eye it hurts and scratches. I’ve tried eye drops, nope still hurts.

So now, I’m sitting here w/ no contacts in. My glasses are at home and that is not helpful.

So, if you see a purple scion w/ snook stickers on the road today, GET OUT THE WAY! I can’t see!

Here are the current state of my contacts:

Great huh? I took the caps off some saline bottles, poured some saline in, and put my contacts in there. Pretty Mcguyver-ish, right?  Don’t worry, the saline bottles still have caps on them, they are double capped. The ones I used are the ones we throw away after we open the bottles- and NO, I didn’t dig them out of the trash. Gosh.

I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to get them home like that. I am kind of hoping whatever is in my eye will work it’s way out and I can put them back in sometime soon.

I really hate contacts, but they are a necessary evil.

Happy Thursday, Ya’ll!

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