Pushing past the comfort

Lately my runs have just been mediocre as far as speed goes. I’ve been running at a “comfortable” pace. I haven’t pushed myself in the least bit. I’m to afraid. Afraid to get injured, afraid to be uncomfortable.

Today I did a 5mi run. I decided early on that I was going to push past my comfort zone to a faster speed. My speed still wasn’t where I think it should be, but it was better.

5mi @ 9:27, 47:17.

I felt pretty strong, I stopped twice for a few seconds. The only problem was that it was SO hot!


Tonight for dinner I tried another new recipe. I am all about trying out new recipes. We like to eat around here, and we like to eat different things. Thankfully no one is very picky so that leaves us a lot recipes to try.

Tonight we tried Pasta E Fagiol. The verdict- it was okay. I added chick peas and that kind of ruined it. I thought it would be good. That’s what I get for thinking, and trying to make up my own recipes. It would have been pretty good w/o those chickpeas. We also had fresh green beans, meh. I don’t think I’m a fan of fresh green beans. We’ve had them 3 or 4 times in the last few months and  I just can’t get into them. Maybe I’m not making them right, suggestions? Right now I just put them in a pot of water w/ some salt and boil them. I could add some butter, but that kind of takes out the healthy factor.

Good Night, I’m off to do homework!


4 thoughts on “Pushing past the comfort

  1. Nothing kills my speed during a run like the heat. Good for you for pushing the pace, sometimes you totally need to do that.

    With fresh beans, I’ve lately been microwaving them (with a cover just a tiny bit loose) with about 1 tbsp of water. It is quick way to steam them, and I think they get less “soggy” this way. You may just not like green beans, and that’s ok too!

  2. We had fresh green beans from our CSA sitting in our refrigerator for longer than they probably should have. They just didn’t sound exciting. Finally I broke down and made them last night, I breaded them, baked them, and served them with horseradish cream dipping sauce and ketchup. Chris and I both thought that they were the best green beans we had in a while.

    What I’m getting at…If all else fails, fry them. Or at least faux fry them!

    • That is exactly what happened w/ these green beans. They’ve been in the fridge since last week – they just never sounded good.. and they werent. I will have to try “frying” them next time, that sounds delish!

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