This morning we got up early{7} so I could get my run out of the way. I had 9 miles planned out. I wanted to go to a trail, but it’s kind of a drive so we decided to stay in the neighborhood.

The weather was great when we first started out, cool and a little bit breezy. The first 3-4 miles went by pretty quickly. I wasn’t aiming for a time goal, I just wanted to feel strong through out my entire run. I kept it around a 10-10:15 pace (well, I tried).

The last mile was pretty tough {as you can tell from my time}, my legs were really starting to get tired and I was ready to be done. My legs were a little sore at first, but now they are totally fine, no soreness. Yay!  I did the run in my new shoes. I think I feel better now that I got fitted and they told me these shoes are fine. Maybe it was a psychological thing?

I felt so great after my run..well, after I took a shower. I felt euphoric, a huge sense of accomplishment. 9 miles isn’t my longest run, but its my longest run during this training and my longest run since March.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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