Since I have been having knee pain, and IT band issues I decided I should get fitted for shoes again. I went this morning to Tampa to a running store, FeetFirst. I got a coupon in my e-mail so that made my decision to go there. Bad idea.

I was already flustered by time I got there from the drive alone. It’s a 1hr 20min drive to Tampa from my house, the time isn’t the problem. It’s Tampa. I HATE driving in Tampa. I don’t do big cities! Seriously, I get all panicky and anxious. Ugh. There is just so much going on, all the cars, the building. Focusing is almost impossible. It wouldn’t have been as bad if Chris was with me, then he could help me look for the building… which was not marked, AT ALL. There was nothing that said FeetFirst. It’s in a plaza thing, and its hard to get to, and I was just annoyed. I passed it and had to find a place to turn around. Bleh. So, that didn’t help my opinion of the place.

I went inside and told the lady I wanted to get fitted, she said okay she would be right with me. I should have noticed then that there were no treadmills, or any device that would measure my feet/gait.

She had me take off my shoes, stand in front of her, then turn around. That was my “analysis.” She then recommended three different types of arch support. Told me to go run around the block and come back. I had pretty much already decided this was not going to work for me.

The entire time she was helping me, she was helping two other ladies. That was fine since I was out running around the block but when I came back her focus did not return to me. I guess she had done what she was gonna do so that was it.

I thanked her and left.

I then went to Fit2Run where my experience was completely different and very enjoyable. They were kind of busy so I waited a few minutes for someone to become available. The guy that helped me was awesome. I really wish I had gotten his name, but I didn’t.

I told him why I wanted to get fitted again, and that I had new shoes, but I wanted to make sure they were the proper shoes for my feet/gait.

He got me some neutral shoes and right to the treadmill we went. He recorded me running for a about 45 seconds then played back the video so he could show me ‘where’ I overpronate.

I tried on about 9 pairs of shoes, ran around the little track they had in the store, and ran on the treadmill for every pair.

In the end I didn’t end up getting shoes. I also ran in my regular shoes so that we could see if they were causing me right foot to roll out. Nope. There was a slight roll out, but nothing that would be causing injury. My left foot was perfectly neutral. His recommendation was to stay w/ my current shoes , and to run on softer surfaces if possible.

Seriously best experience ever. You can hardly ever go into a store w/o a sales person trying to push something on you that you don’t actually need. Very cool, I will def go back there, and absolutely recommend Fit2Run to anyone looking for a running store in WCF.


I didn’t get my run in yesterday. We ended up going out to eat last night and that trumped my run =/

I plan on jumping on the treadmill in a few minutes and running 4mi while I watch the Gator game. Go Gators!


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