I said I was going to run 7 today.. Ha ha ha ha ha, that’s hilarious. I ran 1.5- My shins & feet were killing me. I’ll be going to get fitted for new shoes this weekend.

I guess this is going to be a slow week. I think I’ll run in my old shoes.

The fact that I was really unmotivated didn’t help at all. I really didn’t want to run, not even a little bit. I waited to long, and it got dark. 7mi on the treadmill didn’t sound fun.

Try again tomorrow. Outside.

Off to do school work.


2 thoughts on “liar.liar.

  1. Good luck with the 7 tonight! Also hope the shoe fitting goes well. It stinks to spend more money on shoes, but hopefully you’ll find some that work really for you.

    • Yes, spending more money stinks. But getting injured stinks worse and could cause life time damage- Spending money is only temporary. Ha Ha. I told Chris I HAVE to get fitted for new shoes. He didn’t put up a fight so that makes me feel better about spending more money on shoes.

      I really hope they tell me my shoes are fine and it’s just me =)

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