Oh, dem knees.

I feel like I cheated, but just a little bit.

I was determined to get that 7mi speed workout done. I was not going to let it whoop me. I came home from work yesterday w/ the mindset that I was going to make that speed workout my beeyatch.

I couldn’t decide whether to do it inside, or outside. I wanted to run outside but it was so hot, and we had plans to go out to dinner. I opted for the treadmill. This is where the cheating comes in. I just felt like it would have been harder had I not been on the treadmill. Don’t get it twisted, it was still hard, but it probably would’ve been harder had I been out in the sun.

So my run went like this:
1.5 warm up at about 9:30-9:
1600 @ 8:34
800 @ 9:50
1600 @ 8:34
800 @ 9:50
1600 @ 8:34
1.5mi cool down @ 9:45

Total time was 66:06 .. 9:24 overall pace.  My half marathon goal pace is 8:45, I think. That would be me on target for a PR.

I’m feeling that run this morning. My knees are feeling it, of course. I have a 10k tomorrow so I hope my knees get over it today and are feeling fresh tomorrow.

I’m outta here! Happy Saturday. Go Gators.


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