Happy Friday!

Whose glad it’s Friday? I am!

This weekend I am going to see my lovely Bff, and I’m super excited! She is having a garage sale, so I’m going to go help her with that. Then, we are going to watch the Gators beat up on the Bulls. Go Gators!

Well, In honor of UF, I will write this post in Orange! yay. Plus, it’s my favorite color!

Running. I am not friends with running right now. We are “Friends Off.” I just can’t seem to get a good quality run in. I feel like I am struggling through every run. I want to quit, like, bad. Yesterday I had a speed workout scheduled. I learned the difference between Tempo Runs & Speed workouts today. {Thanks H&F Nesties!} –

Yesterday I was supposed to a 7mi Speed work out.  did.not.happen.  This is what was supposed to happen. Warm up, 3×1600 @ 8:10 , 800’s inbetween each 1600, and a cool down.  — What actually happened. 1.5mi warm up, 1600@ 8:10 pace, 800, then complete and utter failure. There is no way on this earth I could have ran another mile @ 8:10 pace. Ha Ha Ha. I was whooped after the first 1600. My 7mi run turned into a 4.85mi run. Whatever. Ugh.

Today I am super determined to have a good run. This rut has got to go, like, seriously. I am thinking about possibly not running the half I have planned for the end of October. I haven’t registered yet, so I wouldn’t be out any money. I’m super frustrated by my lack of good solid runs. What to do, What to do?


I’ll report back tonight with the results of my run. =/


One thought on “Happy Friday!

  1. I also like orange – hope the Gators win for you.
    As for running, it totally goes in cycles. I wish it would continually get better, but alas, it’s a roller coaster! Just keep doing your runs, rest when you need, and don’t feel you have to do the October 1/2. Isn’t the November 1/2 the one you really want to be ready for? I know it’s always said on H&F, but the bad runs make the good ones all the more worth it.

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