Hi, my name is Jena, and I’m addicted to my Garmin.

When I headed out for my run today I turned my Garmin on, then it made this awful I’m almost dead beeping at me! Quick decision, run on the treadmill or run with just a stop watch. Risky business. I hate running w/o my Garmin. I’m clearly super dependent upon it. I mean, how will I know my pace, or how far I’ve gone? ugh.

Since I am running a 10k this weekend I decided to take my run outdoors to practice running outside. My runs are about 50/50, running on the ‘mill, or running outside.  So I mapped out a course on, but my memory failed me when I actually go outside. I just went down all the streets in my neighborhood to make sure I got enough distance. I ‘thought’ it was just a little over 3mi, which was my scheduled run for today.

When I got to my house and saw my time was 37 minutes I was disappointed. I was thinking taking that week off last week wasn’t a great decision and there is no way I’ll PR this weekend @ the 10k.  I mapped my route…4 miles?! Phew! I felt much better!

4mi, 37:24, 9:24pace.

My legs felt a little tight and tired. No knee pain for the most part, a little twinge here and there but nothing to be concerned with.

I am going to my first physical therapy appointment today.. I think. Hmm, now that I think about it they didn’t call & leave a message reminding me I have an appt. Maybe I should call them.  I really do not want to go to physical therapy, I’m dreading it. ughh.

Happy Wednesday!


3 thoughts on “Addicted.

  1. I know the feeling of the Garmin dead battery beep, it’s the worst! My husband has actually forgone his for me so I could have my workout tracked. He knows it sends me into a meltdown not to have the data…..ah now that’s love. 🙂

  2. I ran this past weekend without my garmin with some friends and it was so FREEING. We ran for 40 minutes, and I’m going to guess we ran a little over 3 miles. It was so enjoyable to just chat and enjoy new scenery.

    But… I’m normally obsessed with my gadgets and gizmos.

    Let’s plan a running date. Any days that we could match up our training plans?

    • It was enjoyable to not look down @ my Garmin every 20 seconds. That was the only good thing about it. I had no idea what my pace was, that was annoying.

      I looked @ our plans real quick and didn’t see anything that matched up, but I’ll look @ them again.

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