Happy Labor Day!

Hope everyone had a great Labor day. If you had to work on Labor day, well, that’s just wrong. I, however, did not work this wonderful Labor day weekend! I had a great weekend, that was filled w/ several trips out on the boat. We traveled south to Anclote Key, and North to Homosassa Springs! We had a great weekend! I have lots of pictures, and a few videos to share!

Saturday morning I went for a 8mi bike ride. I love riding around our area. There are so many amazing houses!

I love the colors! They feel so "Bahamas" to me!

The view on my bike ride

I don't love this house- The style is not coastal to me.. It's just HUGE.

~Then we went for a boat ride~

Channel Marker w/ some "Water Turkeys"...

Don't worry, I know how to drive this boat!

Sunday: Gettin' ready to go out!

"MYSPACE!" .... The guys were lookin' for "Red Rock." .. We didn't find it.

The lighthouse on Anclove Key, I think.

Traffic jam @ the boat ramp. There was a storm comin' in & everyone was haulin' ass back to the boat ramp. What you don't see is the 15 boats behind us waiting to get in. They got soaked, it started pouring when we got to the dock.

Monday: Homosassa River- That's my next house!

Me & My Sissy Love

We also saw some Dolphins when we were heading out of Homosassa River.

I recorded them on my camera. Excuse the squealing, yelling, and random excitedness!

Happy Labor Day!


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