Reading List

What books are on your “to-read” list?

I went to Wal-mart yesterday to pick up a few things. I wandered over to the book section and saw quite a few books that I would like to read. First though, what is the obsession with the Hunger Games trilogy? I lurk on a Book Club message board and those ladies are raving about the Hunger Games books. What are they? Anyone..Anyone? I put a hold on the first book which just happens to be titled Hunger Games. Wouldn’t you know the library system here only has ONE stinkin’ copy! I’m thinking it will probably be a while before I get that book.  I really want to support the local library, so much so that I owe them $4.30 in overdue fines.. That is ridiculous. Oopsie!

So on my “to-read” list are these books:

1. The Hunger Games Trilogy.
2. Such a Pretty Face, Cathy Lamb (…and of course the library doesn’t even have this book- at all.)
3. Summer’s Child, Diane Chamberlain
4. Look Again, Lisa Scottoline
5. Kristin Hannah books- She is the author, and she has several new books out that I would like to read.
6.Patricia Cornwell, she has a new Scarpetta book out and I can’t wait to get my hands on that!
7. A Thread so Thin, Marie Bostwick

I am currently still reading The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, I think this one is going to take me a little while. =/

I really don’t have time to read, as I’ve said before, I should be reading text books, not fiction books.


Yesterday’s scheduled run was 4mi. I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it. At 1 mile my left shin felt like it was going to explode. I tried really hard to run through the pain but it wasn’t happening. I got off the treadmill, walked around the house, and stretched before I got back on. The pain was intense, like, almost cry intense. I was pissed. I got back on the treadmill and slowed my pace down, I was determined to make it through this 4 mi run.

4mi, 40:00, 10:oopace.. Nothing to call home about, but at least I made it through.

I was beginning to wonder if it’s my shoes? They are brand new! Nike Zoom Triax, same thing I was wearing before. Could it be that I need a different “kind” of shoe. I hope not, ugh.

— Today’s scheduled run was 4mi. Unfortunately both knees have really been bothering me all day today. I stepped wrong or something and pain shot up my left leg. All day I’ve been walking easy, making sure I take each step slow and deliberate.  I’ve been trying really hard not to step wrong, it’s annoying to watch every step.

Instead of doing the scheduled 4, I did 2.5. My time was 26:05, 10:26pace. Nothing to call home about but at least I got a few miles in.

The most annoying part about this knee pain is that, it doesn’t hurt while I run. It’s after I run, and when I get up from a chair, walking up and down steps (if you’ve seen my house you know this is sort of an issue!)

I’m going to try & take it easy for the rest of the week. Maybe cut my runs in half, and run @ an easy pace. Sounds reasonable. Hopefully I’ll be ready for next week and the mileage increase. I have a 10k next Sunday and I would like to PR!

We are having zucchini boats for dinner- more on that later!

Good Night!


3 thoughts on “Reading List

  1. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! And more importantly, thanks for drinking some wine for me!

    I am reading “The Passage” right now by Justin Cronin. Had no idea what it was about, just grabbed it from my Mom’s house. Pretty interesting so far! I can’t wait to get my hands on The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest…loves those books.

    Good job for at least running – there are days (like today) where I know I should run, but am just too lazy. MUST squeeze it in tomorrow!

  2. I’m reading the poisonwood bible. Yeah I’m late on that train. Just read The Helper by Kathryn ______. It was awesome! I have a long list of past books from the book club I just joined. I’ll email it to you when I get home.

  3. Elin Hildebrand and Kristin Hannah are favorite authors of mine.
    EH: Castaways, Barefoot, The Island, Summer People, and a Summer Affair. These are all fun, Summer reading books.

    KH: Firefly Lane (one of my favorites) Winter Garden, True Colors, Comfort and Joy

    John Hart is an author I discovered this year. You’ll love him if you liked The Hunter Games Trilogy. The Last Child and Down River. Both awesome, awesome books!

    I love to stock up on books! I order on-line through amazon, and I get them used through a credible seller! Cheap, cheap, cheap! Good Luck…great blog btw!

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