Here I am, it’s 6:55am, I’m minding my own business just checking my e-mail and I see a new blog from Duke’s House. Brit won her first blog award! How exciting! Like every blog award there are rules that come along w/ the award. The rules for the “Blog with Substance Award” are 1. Thank the giver, 2. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation & experience using 5 words.. & 3.  Pass it on to 10 other blogs that you know have real substance!

So I am reading her blog and reading who all she gave the award to, most of the blogs I am familiar with, as I read them myself. Then it happens. MY NAME IS ON THE LIST!! AHHHH!!!!!! How exciting!!! Seriously, exciting! Can you feel my excitement? Because I was THAT excited this morning at 5 minutes to 7!

Honestly, I was pretty surprised. Sometimes when I’m writing a post I think, why do I even do this? There is nothing extraordinary about me. My blog doesn’t really have a “theme” or any real purpose. Many of the blogs I read are dedicated to running, or food, or a combination of both. Mine is just the randomness that is my life, which includes some running, and some food. I’m just your average, 25 y/0 female, I think.  So for Brit to give me the ” A Blog with Substance” award is awesome to me!!! Thank you so much Brit!!

1. Thank you Brit, this is a pretty cool award!
2. Life, running, randomness, eating healthier
3. Hmmm, who to pass the award on to?!

1. Carolyn @ Eat Well.Live Well.Be Well
2.Yams @ Trophy Wife
3.  Melissa @ Up & Running
4. Shelly @ Petunia Uncorked
5. Katie @ Health for the Whole Self
6. Brie @ Brie Fit
7. Shelby @ Eat, Drink, Run
8. Christine @ Flyrunner
9. Karing For Keegan
10. The Sartins

So, There you have it. All blogs I read on a regular basis, or as often as they update!


4 thoughts on “Wowser!

  1. You are awesome! You are full of substance. And thanks for passing the love onto me. I’m exhausted from my day today, but I can’t wait to pass the award on as well. In the morning I will spread the substance award and write all about my exciting podiatry appointment. I almost called you when I left because it was… um… so interested.

    • You are welcome! It’s a fun award!

      Uhm, you should have called me, Chris JUST got home from work, its 10pm… AND now I am sitting here in suspense! Ah! Oh my gosh, I hope your foot is fine, and I hope you can still run the Zoo Run Run w/ me, and Womenshalf. Ah Carolyn!

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