Lazy Cook.

Today is my off today, so I am taking full advantage and doing nothing. I was supposed to go to physical therapy today but I canceled. My legs are pretty sore from yesterdays run and I didn’t want to go to PT w/ sore legs so I rescheduled.  I weighed myself today, woohoo, my “goal” weight. Tomorrow I’ll probably be up a couple of pounds, my weight just fluctuates like that. Honestly, I don’t have a goal weight. I am happy with the number on the scale.

I have been in a dinner cooking rut. I just can’t think of anything that sounds good to eat. My other problem is, I am lazy. I don’t want to make a meal that is going to require 45 minutes of prep work. I have been browsing food blogs for quite some time, and while those meals look good, they are not practical for me. I am on the hunt for easy healthy meals. Is there such a thing?

Tonight we had meatloaf, mashed potatoes & baked zucchini. Meatloaf is Chris’ fave thing and I haven’t made it for him in a while, soooo, I thought I would make him some tasty meatloaf. Boy was it yummy! The only thing healthy about tonight’s dinner was the baked zucchini.



5 thoughts on “Lazy Cook.

  1. I spend more time browsing recipes and stressing over how much the food will cost and how it will take forever to prepare and is it well-balanced or not… than I spend cooking! I am frustrated with this whole process! I think for people who love to eat and cook they are just always thinking of ideas so it’s easier. Me, I don’t hate it and don’t love it and the ideas definitely don’t “flow” naturally. sigh.

  2. I totally agree – I’ve been so busy lately with work stuff that I’ve been making super quick meals. Luckily I have a lot of garden veggies now! (TONS of zucchini) I end up slicing a lot of zucchini, saute in a bit of butter or olive oil along with onions, carrots, etc. Even Justin eats this. I’ve also been making monster pasta-veggie salads with olive oil, vinegar and a ton of cheese and salami/pepperoni. (veggies like tomatos, green onion, bell peppers and even raw zucchini!) It makes great lunch leftovers and the extra meat makes it filling. Just thought I’d share because this is what we ate almost all weekend:) Has PT been going ok so far, or would this have been your first apt?

    • I haven’t started PT yet, next Wed. I canceled this week =/ I really don’t want to go, and sore legs was a good excuse not to go ..

      Tonight we are having Tilapia & pasta w/ fresh tomato sauce. I went to the farmers market yesterday after work and got some ginormous tomatoes , some potatoes, sweet potatoes, and 3lbs ground beef. I have been trying to incorporate more fresh veggies into our meals. I don’t really like tomatoes, but I am trying. I am also going to try corn on the cob, ick, but chris likes it and said he would cook it on the grill so I’ll try it again. Maybe this week with some grilled chicken. My other problem with cooking is that I get off @ 5, it’s 530 by time I get home, and then I have to decide if I want to run, or eat dinner first. This is only going to get more tricky when my week day runs get longer.

  3. I totally hear you – most days I don’t get home until around 7:00/7:30. By that time, we are both starving, and we need to create a meal quick unless we’re eating leftovers.

    Corn on the cob – delish. But, don’t force yourself to something you just don’t. If you’ve had it a few times and still aren’t thrilled, I would say you should keep trying unique veggies you find at the market. Some “non-traditional” veggies I’ve found I love are beets (cooked with a little butter), fresh swiss chard and raw or cooked kohlrabi.

    P.S. – I swear I’m not stalking your blog. I’m just catching up because I’ve been doing at lot for work getting ready for our state fair (we have various exhibits) and it’s been crazy. Today I am finally back in the office like normal.

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