Whew. I’m pooped!

I am keeping my niece this weekend.

She is in love with the treadmill. Her speed was @ 1.0. Don't yell at me for not making her wear shoes.

Have you spent the weekend with a 6yr old? Dear goodness, I am beat. She is go-go-go-go 100mph alllllll day long! She woke up @ 7am raring to go! We ate cereal for breakfast and she watched Wubbzy (google it). We went to the beach. We drove for 45 minutes in the rain on our way to the beach, I was seriously wondering how this beach trip was going to turn out. It wasn’t sunny by any means, but Kailyn had a blast playing in the waves!

Vanilla Icecream + homemade cookies = delish!

WHEW. Aunt Jena needs a nap.

Split Time Moving Time
1 0:10:02 0:09:58
2 0:09:59 0:09:54
3 0:09:56 0:09:54
4 0:09:59 0:09:52
5 0:10:14 0:10:13
6 0:10:24 0:10:26
7 0:10:15 0:10:06
8 0:10:04 0:10:04
9 0:00:03 0:00:03
Summary 1:21:01 1:20:30

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