What are you passionate about? At church this morning there was a couple and they were speaking about human trafficking. W-O-W. It was INTENSE! This guy was SO passionate, it was insane. Human trafficking really is a huge problem. Just last week in Central Florida they released a story about a girl who had been kidnapped in Orlando, and brought to Minneola (yah, Minneola, Wiki it and see what the population’s not much) .. There is another story about a sex ring of 44 people busted in Polk County over the weekend.

The speaker said, “If you don’t see human trafficking, you aren’t looking” At first, I thought, well how am I going to see it. I mean, what am I looking for?  Read the news. It’s everywhere. Go to your local newspaper and in the search option type in “human trafficking” . I did. The results were sickening.  10 pages of results.  The New York Times has a whole section dedicated to Human Trafficking.


Anyways, let’s talk about my run today. I had 8 miles scheduled according to my Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon training plan.  The weather was questionable and I was debating to run outside or try and run on the treadmill. I was really doubting my ability to stay motivated for 8 miles on the treadmill. Some ladies from an  H&F board convinced me to go outside and run, even if it was in the rain.

Thankfully it did not rain, and the weather cooperated quite nicely. We (Chris road his bike) ran in the neighborhood and ventured down some streets we haven’t been down before. This kept my run interesting for a little while, it was nice to see new things. We saw quite a few amazing houses, and we had amazing views of the Gulf for a few minutes!

and yes, I am totally copying Shelby from Eat,Drink,Run – That whole screen capture thing is pretty tricky, and she has it all figured out. So, Thanks Shelby!

This week was kind of lazy. I don’t know what happened, but I took one to many few days off.

Monday : Off
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday : 3mi
Thursday:    5 mi
Friday:  Off
Saturday: Off
Sunday:  8mi …

Kay, so I might have taken 3 to many days off =/ Oops. Oh well.

Total mileage for the week was 16mi
Total miles for the year: 360.85

Good night!


3 thoughts on “Passion.

  1. This run and the tempo run look great!

    I hope to join you on some longer runs if our trainigs overlap any. This week on vacation I ran:
    Monday – 3.4 miles
    Wednesday – 3.5 miles
    Thursday – 3.5 miles
    Friday – 3.5 miles
    Sunday – 5 miles

    I don’t want to jinx it, but my foot feels better.

    • Glad your foot is feeling better!! Phew! Looks like you got in some good mileage while you were gone. How was your trip…besides the rental car incident.

      I def want to get some long runs in together! When do you start training for the Womens?

  2. I officially start next week! Once I get the plan set in stone (I’m mixing a sprint tri training plan and the half marathon training plan), we’ll compare and set some long runs! If you have to go longer, I can run part way with you and then you can continue on (or I can bike!)


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