To physical therapy, or not, that is THE question!

I went to the Sports Med Dr yesterday. He says, “You have a irritable knee cap, you are loose jointed, with some quad exercises your knee pain can go away”  I’m thinking, Oh good, He is going to give me some exercises I can do at home that will help strengthen my quads. WRONG! He then proceeds to tell the girl @ check out to write me a script for PT, ‘scuse me? She then proceeds to tell me its 3x a week, for 4 weeks. Riiight, because I have the time, oh, and the money to go to physical therapy that many times in on week.

This put me in quite a little funk yesterday. I feel like I’m between a rock and a hard place. If I don’t go to physical therapy my knee might not get better, if I do go to physical therapy for that many sessions I’m going to go broke.

I decided to go for the initial session, and possibly 1-2 weeks to see how it goes. After that I am hoping they will have mercy on me and give me a treatment plan I can do at home instead of going to an office 3x a week. I mean seriously, who has that kind of time? I’m not some retired 70 year old who has nothing but time. I have crap to do.

The good thing about my appointment was that he told me I could continue to run as long as my knee doesn’t bother me while I run. It doesn’t hurt while running, so on with training I go. This made me a happy girl. I was SO nervous that he was going to tell me “No, more running for X amount of weeks/months.” Phew.

::whispers:: I skipped my run yesterday. eek. It was a 3miler. I had a final exam to study for, and then I needed to take the test. Then I needed to start on my next class. I was pretty proud of myself for sitting at this darn table for 3.5 hours. That is pretty impressive for me. I only have until February to finish my program so I really can’t mess around anymore, I HAVE to do school. I will do my 3miler today, probably inside on the dreadmill.

Last night we had tacos for dinner. This week has just been ridiculous for dinners. This is why I have to plan meals out on Sundays, I end up going to the store every single night to buy what we need for dinner that night. No night this week has been an exception. I’ve gone to Publix, and Walmart every night, shame. I used ground turkey instead of ground beef for the tacos, they actually came out pretty good. I wasn’t sure how the turkey would taste. Yum!

I’ll leave you with a random picture. This is what I saw when I got in the shower yesterday morning. I guess Chris was thirsty when he got in the shower, so he took a beer.

He said he was really hot because he just got done painting, and he wanted a beer, and he wanted to take a shower. So he did. Mmmmkay.


4 thoughts on “To physical therapy, or not, that is THE question!

  1. yeah you should just go to PT once or twice to see what exercises they give you and see if you can figure out enough to do at home… That stuff is expensive isn’t it?! Or google the problems the Dr told you and look up exercises. Only problem is you might need equipment for a lot of it hmmm.
    That picture cracked me up! And Chris’ explanation.

    • The physical therapy would be $25 a session, in all it would be $300 if I did the 3x/wk for 4wk. =/

      I know of a few exercises I cando, I am sure there are many more. I don’t know if I would need equipment or not. I’ll skip those 😉

      We’ll see.

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