Picture Time.

Today is a rest day for me, and I am taking full advantage. I’m sitting here drinking a glass o’ wine as we speak. Mmm.

Yeah, not sure why that pictures looks so long. We also had Flatbread pizzas for dinner..again. Yum! This time we had cheese & pepperoni on Whole Wheat Flat bread. Seriously so delicious!


On to cuter subjects, our puppies!

Hi Mom!

Diva loves fresh cut grass!

Sometimes Wyatt likes to tie a towel around his neck & play superhero

grass.grass.grass...i love grass..

Wyatt thinks Diva tastes like chicken!

Don't worry Mom, I was just playin' w/ her.

Diva thinks if she sits pretty I'll give her some human food. Wrong!


3 thoughts on “Picture Time.

  1. What handsome dogs! Seeing these pics makes me think that someday we need to get a friend for Wellington. Random side note – I totally stopped to get a few bottles of wine yesterday, and I picked up the Alice White Chardonnay. Never had it before, so I’m glad to see you liked it. Hopefully we will like it too! Good luck with your knee apt.

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