Why do you run?

I run so I can drink lots’o wine guilt free. Ha, just kidding. Well, sort of. Currently I am sitting here drinking my second glass of wine, the bottle is almost empty so I’ll probably have another =/

I have a sock problem, and it’s serious. I have NO matching running socks. Do you want to know why? SOCK MONSTERS! They seriously eat socks. It’s ridiculous. It’s my own fault I suppose, I leave them on the floor where they can get them, but good grief. They don’t eat Chris’ socks, just my running socks. Maybe my feet smell good after I’m done running, jk, I seriously doubt that they smell good.

see the tooth mark, bastards, they got this sock too! I really need to go sock shopping!

Today’s eats.. meh, somewhat okay.

Breakfast: Honey bunches of Oats 2w/ 2% milk.

Lunch: 6in sub from Publix. Chris brought me lunch

Dinner: pizza casserole.

Yeah, now that I look at it, eats was not all that successful today. Oh well.. and i’m sitting here drinking my 2nd glass of wine. Whatevs.

Today’s scheduled run was 3mi. Chris went w/ me and he was having some leg issues, so we ended up running 1.5mi, and then walked the majority of the way back. It was fine w/ me, my 4 miles yesterday was unscheduled so I felt okay about walking today. It was nice to just walk w/ my hubs. It was raining, and it just felt nice. I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful husband!

Good Night.


2 thoughts on “Why do you run?

  1. Those are some pretty cute sock monsters! Wellington will chew on my dress shoes if he can, but I don’t think I’ve actually seen him go after my running shoes or socks. Honestly, I think it would be cheaper if he’d chew up my socks. Out of curiosity I just have to ask… do you snack? You never post that you even had a random apple or banana. I would starve if I didn’t snack, but maybe you are just better about eating at set times than me:) Have fun sock shopping!

    • Ohh Lisa, I snack like a little snacky monster. I generally eat cottage cheese with blueberries (which I’m out of this week). Plain yogurt with a little sugar free maple syrup. I have some sunkist fruit snacks (those are so yummy). string cheese. carrots. broccoli & italian dressing. The list goes on & on & on.

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