Lazy bum = bad run

Sunday was a huge waste of a day, and it was great. I sat on the couch all day long, there is probably an indention of my body on the couch because I barely moved. I napped off and on and just chilled out. What a bum.

I had 7 miles scheduled yesterday, and that did not happen. I SHOULD have went out earlier this evening and run outside. The weather has been so nasty today, it’s rained off and on and we’ve had some thunder, I wasn’t sure if the weather would hold up for 7 miles. Ugh. So, today’s scheduled run was a flop.

Runs for the week: Week 1 of Half Marathon Training, Wk 4 of Marathon Training.

Monday (8/2) :  1mi @ 9:53-  This was a rest day for me but Chris wanted to see if he could run a mile, we did & he can. yay!
Tuesday (8/3): 1.6mi, 15min, @ 9:22 . NEVER run @ 6pm in FL, AWFUL. The heat was ridiculous. I made Chris turn around so we could go home. It was only 2 mi sched.. This is so LAME. I did 1.3outside, and .3 on the TM.. My calves were killing me.
Wednesday (8/4): a much needed rest day. I know your thinking how could I need to rest I only ran 3 mi in two days. I was just exhausted. I don’t know what was wrong w/ me. Pmsing maybe had something to do with it. Last week I was really really tired the whole week. =/
Thursday (8/5): 5mi, 46min, @ 9:10, feeling better on Thursday obviously.
Friday (8/6): 3mi, 28min @ 9:13.
Saturday (8/7): Rest day & beach day with my Sissy!

Total Miles: 14
Yearly Miles: 322.85


Nothing to exciting happened over the weekend. Saturday my sister & I went to Honeymoon Island in Dunedin. That was pretty fun. It’s a good family friendly beach. The water was great, and there was a enough breeze that you didn’t lay on the beach and just pour sweat. The weather was kinda iffy, I thought we were going to get rained out a few times. It actually rained on us part of the drive down.

We watched a few movies this weekend.  The Hangover, it was pretty fun, well the parts I saw were funny. I kept falling asleep. We started watching it Friday night after dinner. I don’t do well at night time movies, I always always fall asleep.

We also watched Valentines Day, awww, that was such a cute movie. I think I might want to buy that one.

Last night we watched Hurt Locker. Wow! First of all, that movie was SO long I thought it might never end. Second of all, it was really surreal. Like, WOW, that is so scary. I mean, I obviously know that we are at war, and that our Military risk their lives every day, but I think we forget just how dangerous it is over there. Well, I am guilty of forgetting anyways. So yeah, Hurt Locker was a really good movie.


Today is a scheduled rest day, but I think I am going to try to bang out 4 mi. Last nights attempt & fail of 7 miles made me feel awful. I need some success today!

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Lazy bum = bad run

  1. You are already half marathon training? I’m not scheduled to start (if I my foot feels better) until the first week of September. I feel behind, but I shouldn’t… I need to keep telling myself, “must stick to plan. must stick to plan.”

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