Drama free zone.

__Just sayin’

I hate drama, I don’t understand how people get off on creating drama, like they have nothing better to do but say crap to get people upset, or riled up. Yeah, I don’t get that.


Today was pretty good for eats, except for the Dr. Pepper I drank.. oopsie =)

Breakfast: honey bunches of oats w/ 2%milk
Lunch: left over black bean tortilla casserole (yeah, from last week, it was still good)
Dinner: grilled chicken w/ steamed broccoli

Today my schedule said it was a rest day. Uhmmm, about that. I might have run 4 miles. I just couldn’t take today off, not after yesterday’s flop of a 7 miler that turned into 3 miles.  I decided that today would be an easy 4 miles, I wasn’t going to push my pace. I ran on the treadmill while I watched Wife Swap. (Have you seen that show, that’s another discussion.)

4mi, 40min, 10:00 pace. Nice & easy. Just what I needed to feel rejuvenated.

I have a confession. I am sitting here eating Honey Bunches of Oats out of the box. Chris just came out of the bedroom and took them from me. Not. Cool. And now the dogs are eating the crumbs I dropped. Oops!


You know your in the country when:

You go outside and your husband and brother in law have tied their trucks together to see who can pull who…. Oy! That’s how shit breaks. It’s hard to see but there is a big thick yellow tow strap in-between their trucks. The Ford won. =/

This picture is actually about 6 mths old, we no longer live there, and if they hooked up now I’m quite sure they would have the cops called on them.

Good Night!


2 thoughts on “Drama free zone.

  1. I’m a Chevy girl myself. The Chevy is H’s truck, the Ford is BILs.. The Ford is an extended cab, and the chevy is a single cab, the ford weigh more.. This is not the first time they’ve hooked up. .. They drive me crazy, I’m always afraid someone is going to break loose and slam into the other one, and there is a big ditch right next to where they are at and I was for sure someone was gonna end up in that ditch. boys.

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