Well see, what had happened was..

….. I didn’t look in the pantry before I went to the grocery store, so I didn’t know that I didn’t have any black beans. This is a real issue when the dinner plan for tonight was black bean casserole. I didn’t have any meat thawed out so we were stuck. We talked about ordering pizza, but honestly, I REALLY didn’t want pizza, I wasn’t feeling it at all.  My eating as in the tank over the weekend and I need to have a good week this week, and pizza is not on my list of good things to eat. So, what did we end up having you ask. Well, we had blueberry pancakes, turkey sausage links & 1 egg sunny side up. Yum! Was this better then pizza? I have no idea, but I felt better about it. We used fresh blueberries and they were tasty!

Not the best picture, I’m not a photographer, that is a fact.


Chris decided that he wanted to try running tonight. It is my rest day, but I figured we wouldn’t go far and we’d probably take it pretty easy so I’d go with him. We went 1mi, and we finished in 9:53. I seriously do not know how he ran an entire mile with out stopping. I mean, yay for him, but grrrr. I had to work hard to run a mile the first time. We’ll see how he feels tomorrow, he is already saying his ankle is bothering him. Tomorrow I have a 2mi run scheduled and he said he wants to go w/ me. I really would love it if he started running with me, but I just don’t know how his ankle is going to hold up. I guess time will tell!

Not to much else to report today. It’s late, and I need some sleep, last night I slept like crap. I keep having these crazy crazy dreams. I don’t really “believe” in dream interpretations but I wish I knew why I have some of the weirdo dreams that I have.

Good Night.


One thought on “Well see, what had happened was..

  1. I like breakfast for supper sometimes – sounds yummy! Now, if I could only get Justin to go running with me. I got my new Runner’s World in the mail yesterday and he scooped it up before I could even read it:) He loves reading through a new mag on anything from science to mechanics to politics – seriously takes him 30 minutes – but he still has yet to come running with me. I do like running by myself other than that I can’t go super early in the dark because it freaks me out:)

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