I have a confession:

I am obsessed with the Duggar family. I know they are kind of a controversial family, in my opinion there is nothing controversial about them. I have read, or talked to people that think they have to many kids, and that the parents rely to heavily on the older children to help care for the smaller children. Regardless, I love this family. I think they have amazing values, and they stand behind each other all the time.  I think it’s amazing that after 26 years, and 19 kids Jim Bob & Michelle seem to be very much still in love! It’s 9:50pm, and I’ve been sitting on the couch since 7:30 watching 19 Kids & Counting. So, there ya have it. My confession.

So anyways…

We went running (well sort of) today. I wanted to get our run done while dinner was in the oven, I hate running after dinner because my tummy is all full and ick. Running before dinner was a bad idea, for one reason, and one reason only; it was so darn hot. Holy Moly. I was done before we even made it a mile, we only had 2 miles scheduled but that was to much. I told Chris we had to cut it short =/  My legs were just exhausted, I totally wimped out. Oh well. We came back to the house and I ran for about 3more minutes on the treadmill and then just completely gave up. I don’t know what is going on, but my legs couldn’t handle it. I tried out my new shoes today, that might have had something to do with it? Or maybe the heels I wore today, I don’t know. I wear heels 3-4 days a week so I don’t know why today would have been any different.

So today’s run = fail. 1.6mi , 15:00, @ 9:22pace… (that includes my 3 minutes on the treadmill, lol) .

I did a little bit of arm work, like, a really small little bit. I’m seriously a wimp. I also did some ab work.

In other running related news, my right knee is bothering me. Again. It doesn’t hurt when I run but squatting, and walking down the stairs is uncomfortable. After our “run” I sat on the couch and iced my knee for a little while. Green beans and Carrots work perfectly as ice packs.

Today was a relatively good day for eating. I think I did pretty well, and stayed on track.

Breakfast: Blueberry special K w/ 2% milk

S: LF Cottage Cheese w/ fresh blueberries, avocado

L: bagel thin w/ onion & chive cream cheese & a banana

S: more avocado

S: (while cooking dinner) ; chips & salsa (this was my fail of the day)

D: Tortilla black bean casserole

S: string cheese….

Yeah, I snack a lot. Whatevs.

This post is less than stellar.  I can’t focus on any one topic, and I’m tired. I think I need book to help me blog better. Blogging for Dummies.. Blogger 101..

Whatever. I’m going to bed.


2 thoughts on “I have a confession:

  1. You can talk to me about the Duggars… I’m pretty close to obsessed. Ok, I probably am. Aaron bought me their book while we were dating or engaged. LOL! I watch them a couple mornings a week and I JUST REMEMBERED RIGHT NOW WHILE TYPING THIS I MISSED THE SEASON PREMIERE TONIGHT. SHOOOOT MEEEEEEEE.

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