This is how life should be.

Coming home from work, eating dinner, going out on the boat, then getting a run in = perfect!

Shrimp boat going out

Sunset behind an island


Our boat ride made me realize just how lucky we are to live where we live! I am so thankful!


Today was a pretty good  day for eating.

Breakfast: blueberry special K (which actually sounds pretty darn good right now)

Snack: plain yogurt, a splash of syrup & granola

Lunch: Today I had a OSHA/Hipaa compliance luncheon, so I was subjected to whatever they had for us to eat.. They had stuffed shells, (I had one), some ham (i had none), some asapargus (which I tried for the first time, not a fan, at least not how they had it prepared) and they had some fresh fruit..which was a mixture of several things cut up and some of it I had no idea what it was, and it was gross. I ate the grapes and cantaloupe.
Snack: that meeting was 2 hrs, and I was hungry by time I got back to the office. I had lowfat cottage cheese w/ fresh blueberries

Dinner: grilled chicken & steamed broccoli. mmmm mmm good!


My super duper long marathon training plan says that today is a 30 min run. I really don’t like measuring my runs in time unless I have to. An example of having to measure it in time would be last night when I only had about 2o minutes while Chris made dinner. I got in what mileage I could and that was that. I really prefer to go by miles, I don’t really know why, it just makes me feel better I suppose. That is one thing that bothers me about this training plan. The other thing that bothers me is that the weekly runs never increase, through out the whole 30 wk plan it’s a 30 min run Tues & Thurs. I don’t feel like I will get adequate training, I feel like its minimal running. With that being said, I did choose the Jeff Galloway training plan for runners/walkers.

I kinda got off track there, so about today’s run. It was scheduled to be 30 min, it turned into a 4mi run.  4 miles on the treadmill, @9:04 pace, finished in 36:17. It was a really great run, I feel like I pushed myself some to complete the 4 miles in less then 37 minutes. I must say though, that my two other 4 mile runs were outdoor, so I can’t give myself to much credit for finishing quicker today then on my previous 4 mile runs. I hope to get a 4miler in on Thursday outside, hopefully I can maintain a good pace!

According to my training plan tomorrow is a rest day. I’ll probably take it, I need to get some homework done! S-l-a-c-k-e-r!

When I was at Publix today I saw this brochure for their upcoming Family Firtness Weekend!  They offer a Triathlon, Duathlon, and a 5k.  I would love to do the Duathlon, but I am so unprepared, like, don’t even have a bike unprepared. I don’t want to look like an idiot out there. I would obviously not be competing. I would just be participating.  Meh. Maybe I’ll just run the 5k that is the night before the Duathlon & the Triathlon! I would really love to go & watch though, however, I don’t think I’m going to get Chris to Ft. Desoto to watch.  Oh, and I’m reading on the website you have to be a USAT member.. I better think about this a little more, plan a little better, train some, then I could register for something like this.. That sounds like a better plan. =)


I’ll leave you with a really bumpy video of our ride back in to the boat ramp. It’s bumpy. What do you expect on a 14ft jon boat!


3 thoughts on “This is how life should be.

  1. Love the video:) Justin and I took our boat out last weekend, and we had some technical difficulty, we had to pull-start our motor and then our battery died when we killed the motor to drop anchor and fish. We finally had to call a neighbor to tow us back. We were both fine with it (I mean, what can really happen to you on a lake?) but hopefully we can get our little motor working better. I should have taken some video during our free-time:)

    Good luck with training – I think I would go a bit crazy with a plan that long, and I also like to go by miles. I like to keep trackand see them add up! What if you stick with it for another few months and if you still don’t like the format (time vs. miles) then maybe look at starting a smart coach, Hal Higdon or other marathon plan? As long as you have a base going in, I’m sure you would be find to switch up your plan. (I think the longest that smart coach lets you pick is 16 weeks.)

  2. We had some difficulty the first time we took the boat out w/ the new motor.. like water gushing in difficulty!! Some of the rivets on the bottom of the boat were leaking, and the plug hole is messed up so water leaks in through that as well. Uhm, let’s just say I was terrified when we were going out because we had to go really slow and the water was just ridiculous in the boat.. Once we could get up on a plain Chris pulled the plug and the water went out, but there was A LOT of water in the boat.. He fixed the rivets to the 2nd time was much better!! It is not really deep where we were but still, I have no desire to be swimming around in the channel with our boat sinking.. i’ll pass.

    As for the training, I am going to stick with plan until I am 16wks out, then I am going to switch over to Hal Higdon’s plan.. I just wanted to get a really good base up before I started w/ one of his plans, because they seem pretty intense, and since I am just getting back into running I didn’t want to start with a plan that wouldn’t work for me since my base was not great. .. I am modifying the plan to fit my needs. I am increasing my week day runs even though the plan says to do 30 min .. 30 min is a little over 3 miles for me. I feel like my week day runs should be increasing in distance. Nothing says my speed is going to increase so 30min will probably always be just over 3 mi…

    • Hi Jena! I must say that you are very lucky to live near the water. That is why I miss Sarasota so much!

      About Galloway’s marathon training plan… I’ve done that plan before and I got over ambitious and ran longer and on more days during the week. Around mile 16 on the long weekend runs, I realized I had plantar fasciitis. I then took off for 3 or 4 weeks and then went and ran/walked the marathon. I was like I’m not getting up to mile 16 to not finish this sucker.

      I was slow, but I did it.

      Now, I’m over the run/walk but I know I’ll never be fast distance runner… I don’t want to be fast. It hurts too bad! Ha. That is why I’m loving the 5k.

      Looking forward to doing some long runs together soon!

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