Our first boat adventure..

Chris bought a boat motor today, again. The first one was crap, that guy pretty much ripped him off.  You live & you learn I guess. So today he bought a 15hp Evinrude, and we took our first trip out on our own boat! It was exciting, and a little scary. 

A house my dad is building

My babe doing what he loves to do

I want this to be my next house, I love it!

One of my Dad's old boats


Today’s run was short & quick. I had to fit a run in between dinner & going out on the boat. Chris cooked grilled cheese for dinner & I got 2mi in on the treadmill. 2mi, 8:56pace, 17:54.  It was a good hard run so I didn’t feel to bad about it only being 2mi . Today was supposed to be an off day, but I just felt like I needed to get a run in.

Obviously our dinner wasn’t to spectacular. Chris was in no mood to sit around and wait for me to make dinner.

Breakfast was Blueberry special K
Lunch was a veggie burger on a bread wheat thin thing. _

I got my new shoes today, yayy!!!!  I am going to wait a while before I run in them. I really didn’t need new shoes yet, but they were such a good deal I had to get them!!


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