Wk2 Marathon training complete!

Today was a typical lazy Sunday for us. As I’ve mentioned before, Sunday is the only day of the week that Chris & I have off together. We sleep in, and just hang out together. Today was really no different. We slept in a little, I dug through some cook books, and surfed some blogs for some new recipes. Then I made up my grocery list and hit the grocery store!

The menu this week will be: (in no particular order)

Roasted vegetable primavera w/ Shrimp. I got this recipe from MaryEllen’s Cooking Creations

Cha-Cha-Cha Casserole, this is coming from a casserole recipe book I have

Chicken Pasta, which is a recipe that friend of mine taught me last summer

Spaghetti- because I really could not find anything else I wanted to make this week.

For breakfast today I had some Special K Blueberry. Delish!
Lunch was Pit-Boss BBQ, I had a shredded pork samich, yum!
For dinner… Uhm… I had a cheese omelet. . I originally planned for Chris to grill chicken, but what had happened was; We took  a nap and I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer and by time we woke up it was to late for it to thaw out before dinner time. Oops..


I went to a Nestie GTG yesterday, we had a great time. It originally was “Tanning &  Lunch” but because there was a tropical depression supposed to dump rain on us we changed it to a Wine GTG… and then that led to us playing cranium, which was quite entertaining! Have you played Cranium before? Yesterday was my first time! This is after Laura, uhm, milked me like a cow.. Yeah..

Making a mini-bar.. I suck at charades, or acting of any kind.


On to my run today. According to my schedule I was to run 4mi today. I wanted to run outside so we waited until about 7:30 then headed out. The temperature was a lovely 88* , not as bad as it could be, but still pretty ridiculous. I forgot to start my watch, I noticed it about a mile into my run. duh!   Miles 1 & 2 were pretty quick and comfy, except for the disgusting gnats that kept flying into my face and getting stuck, that was soooo gross!!! Miles 3 & 4 s-u-c-k-e-d. A storm started rolling in and the wind kicked up. So I had a headwind of about 15-20mph, and the closer I got to the water the harder the wind blew, it was awful. I had to stop & walk a few times =/ … finally when we rounded the corner to the house we were out of the wind and I could pick my pace back up and finish strong. I was very over it by time I reached the driveway.. Oh, and it started raining big fat rain drops. 20mph winds + fat rain drops = ouch.

I look like a criminal, huh? Excuse me, I am totally not cute after I run. I’m a hot hot mess.. but this picture is to show you the gnats on my face.. see the one under my eye, and the 2 on my nose. GROSSSSSSSSS… and check out that hair, woooweeee..

I bought new running shorts at Target yesterday, they were on clearance, and I am in need of a new pair. They are the c9 brand. They are okay. I only have one other pair of regular shorts, which are Nikes.. Then I have a few pair of spandex shorts.. I started out with rolling them once, then they were driving me crazy during my run so I had to roll them up again. It would be fantastic if I could just buy a pair of shorts that were short enough that I don’t have to roll up. Suggestions.. I saw some shorts on runningwarehouse, but I can’t really tell how short they are.

This is how short I need my shorts.. suggestions?? anyone, anyone?

Oh, my runs for this week were like this:

Mon: Rest
Tues: 3.2mi, 28min, 8:52 pace
Wed: Rest
Thur: 4mi, 38min, 9:31pace
Fri: was scheduled to be an easy walk, but I went to the casino with my dad, does walking around the casino count? ha ha
Sat: Rest
Sun: 4mi, 37min, 9:20 pace

Total Miles: 11.2 miles… Not super impressive, but mileage is getting better slowly but surely!


Have a great week!


7 thoughts on “Wk2 Marathon training complete!

  1. Okay, first off… I’m a little scared by your mug shot. I’ve run with you, you don’t really look like that after a run. LOL!

    Second, about running shorts that are short… I think if you look for 4in. inseam you will be good. I’ve been on the search for tri shorts and they come in 4in, 6in, or 8 in inseam. I’m more of a 6in girl myself, but I’d think you’d be a 4in. gal 🙂

    Congrats on training for the marathon. I might have to train for the half since I’ve been making hotel plans with 2 of my running buddies in Sarasota who are doing the half. I don’t want to be the only one not doing the half. Peer pressure. I don’t normally succumb, but I might this time around.

    I need to look at a training plan and go from there. I like Hal Hidon’s plans. I’m looking at this one: http://www.halhigdon.com/halfmarathon/inter.htm

    • Ha Ha Ha Ha I’m cracking up over the mug shot comment. This run sucked pretty bad, and if I had smiled in this picture you would have seen the gnat that was in my teeth.. yeah gross. I didn’t know about the gnat at the time of this picture, silly me, I didn’t think to check my teeth =/

      I will be on the look out for 4in inseam shorts, those sound lovely!!

      I am SO glad you are “thinking” about training for the half in Nov!! DO ITTT!!!!!! I am running with a friend and it will be her first half. I think we are going to run together just with the goal of finishing. We aren’t going to put a time on it, so that should take some pressure off of me..

      I haven’t really chosen a training plan for the 1/2.. since I’m doing the marathon, I think my mileage will be good for the half. I need to look at my training plan again.

  2. It seems like there are a ton of suggestions on H&F lately about shorts. I am WAY too cheap to buy the Lululemon or Lucy stuff people post, but I bet it’s nice. I agree on the 4 in. inseam. I have a few pairs of Nike Tempo shorts (varrying sizes bought on clearance) and for me they’re a good length. I just want some REAL pockets so I can store, fruit snacks, chews, etc. I wrote down the Brooks Infiniti short that someone suggested once on H&F because it actually has some real pockets. I’ve been trying to hold off spending $ on clothes until winter, so we’ll see how that goes…

    • I agree with ya on the being cheap on shorts. I can’t spend a ton of money on running shorts.. Even the $28 for Nike Tempo is to much for me.. the one pair of Nike shorts I have I got @ Sports Authority on clearance, and they are kids =/ ha ha.. probably why they are a good length.

      I carry a little pouchy thing for longer runs If i want to carry something. I got it @ an expo, I have no clue what it’s called or who makes it. It only fits my cell phone/debit card, and a few little snacks..

      right now I am totally digging the clif shot bloks. I don’t know if its mental, or if they actually work, but i’ve been eating 2 before my runs (even though i’m only running 3-4 mi) and they atleast make me feel like I’m doing good. =/

      • All of my workout clothes come from Marshall’s, Ross, TJ Maxx. I ALWAYS look in the fitness section. I’ve found some good buys. I would never spend full price on workout clothes.

  3. Another Question – I’m guessing that’s a real tat, what is it? I’m guessing some sort of sea creature, but I can’t tell for sure!

    Is your running pouch something that goes around your waist or your arm? I’m thinking of something like this
    but I don’t know if I can handle something around my waist.

    • Yes that’s a real tat, it’s a hammerhead shark.

      Yup my belt is like that spibelt. It doesn’t really bother me .

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