I didn’t get a run in yesterday, and it’s not happening today either. According to my super duper long marathon training plan yesterday was supposed to be an easy walk, which is probably all I could have managed. I am a little sore from that 4 mi run on Thursday. Lame.  Today is an off day for my training plan, so that works out well I suppose. Tomorrow is a 4mi run, that should be doable. I’m pretty sure the rain chance tomorrow is about 105% since Tropical Storm/Depression Bonnie is dumping rain on us this wknd.. 4miles on the dreadmill ought to be interesting.    We put my Dad’s flat screen TV in the living room. Ours finally died, which was also a hand-me-down from my Dad.

R.I.P old TV.. you served us well.

Yeah, so my treadmill sits right in the middle of the living room. At some point we are going to move it into our bedroom and hang a little flat screen on the wall so I can watch TV while I run in our bedroom, the TM just doesn’t really go w/ the living room decor. ..

Typical Florida weather, it’s sunshiney as heck right now, later it’s supposed to rain cats and dogs- Our pool party is going to get rained out. I am meeting up with some friends this afternoon, for what was supposed to be a pool party. Now it’s a wine & cupcake party…. maybe I should run more then 4 miles tomorrow =/


Last night’s dinner was easy peasy deliciouslyness. It’s pretty much the same as one of the dinners we had last week, different noodles, no red pepper, plus squash.

Pasta, Shrimp & Veggies (I’m SO creative, I know!)

1 yellow squash
2 zucchini
balsamic vinegar
1 lb deveined/peeled shrimp
Ronzoni veggie medley noodles

1. Cut up squash and zucchini into bite size pieces;  Pour a little balsamic vinegar in a pan & saute squash & zucchini. Cook the noodles until tender.

2. Boil shrimp until pink.

3. Mix it all together and there ya go.. easy peasy.. We put Italian dressing on ours so it’s not so dry!


I’m till reading the Tension of Opposites… slowly making my way through it. Maybe I’ll have some time tonight to read.


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