Wk2: Marathon Training-

I ordered some new shoes from runningwarehouse — Actually, I ordered two pairs of shoes; see what had happened was, I got so excited because they were on sale, and they were half price so I ordered in the size that I ‘thought’ I wore. Then I got an e-mail this morning saying the shoes shipped, and that reminded me to actually go look @ the size of my shoes. Well, turns out I ordered the wrong size. Thankfully runningwarehouse has free returns. So I ordered the right pair, and when the wrong pair gets here tomorrow I will send them back.  Not much prettier then my current shoes. Oh well. They aren’t for looks, just for comfort.

Tonight’s run was 4mi, @ 9:31 pace, 38:04 –  I felt pretty good except for the fact that my stomach felt so heavy. We went out to soon after dinner, but I wanted to run outside so I just had to deal with it.  My legs felt okay until about mile 3, then my quads started to ache. I had to keep slowing down. I stopped to walk once at about 3.6mi.


Dinner was nothing special, or healthy. Just some Zatarains w/ Turkey sausage.


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