Oops.Library fines.

Ut-oh, I owe the library .20 .. I was just looking on my account to find out when some books are due and lo-and-behold there is an overdue book. Darn. I knew I should have put that book in my car this morning!  Oh crap, and another one is due next week. Unless I do some serious reading in the next week I won’t be finished with it, Hm, wonder if I can renew that one. I don’t think I already renewed it. I have a problem. I put all these books on hold, and the I got them before I really wanted/needed them.

I just finished Jodi Picoult’s House Rules, that’s actually the one that is overdue, I think there is a shorter rental on newer books. I haven’t had it THAT long… My review on that book in one word. “Meh” .. I told Chris, I really did not like that book. I will not go into details, I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone. 

I am currently reading The tension of opposites by Kristina McBride. It’s a YA book. It’s okay. I read a review on it, and the reviewer really didn’t like the book. I don’t know if that is making me not like the book, because all I can think about is what that reviewer said. 

I wish I could just take a whole day and have a big ol’ read-a-thon. Sadly, I have to much to do. We have started a new routine though, which I am liking. Before we go to sleep we lay in bed and read.. If you know Chris, don’t tell anyone. Ha ha!  Someone told him about an author that writes about fishing in FL so he told me to find him the book at the library and he would read it.. and he is, and I think he likes it! That’s great!

That’s all I got. This was just a , i’m bored, it’s the middle of the day random post. K. Bye.


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