Run Thru Hell 5k

I ran my first 5k in months today. It was actually a lot of fun. I ran it with my friend Carolyn. It was a trail race, my first trail race ever. The description of the race online wasn’t really great. I thought I had read that it was partially a trail race, but then I went on last night to look  @ it again and I couldn’t find the description that said trail race. But when we got there we found out it was def a trail race, someone told Carolyn not to worry about getting a PR, and hopefully she didn’t wear her good shoes, bc it was going to be muddy.. lol oops.

Yeah, it was muddy. I guess they really don’t look that bad, they were pretty squishy though!

Not to muddy, just a little.

The race itself was okay. We started out on a regular concrete trail.. Then we took a turn and ran through a grassy field and then got back on the regular trail. Somewhere after mile 1 we turned left into the woods- they had a tiny water stand…. almost immediately after turning into the woods we hit the first mud puddle. .. it was pretty much single file for the majority of the trail, you could only pass in certain places. We did pass a few people at one point, we were running 11:00/mile.. .. I was ready to be done by time we got to the 2.5mi… I was steady checking my watch to see how much further. .. finally we finished. I don’t know what my official time was, I had to leave right after- but my garmin said 27:50, which was 8:46 pace.. not to bad considering it was my first trail race, we ran single file for a while, and I haven’t raced since May. I was happy.  My only beef with the race was the lack of water.  Normally water on a 5k course is not such an issue for me, but hello, it’s July 11th, in Florida!    The lack of water at the end of the race was even worse. They had one gatorade cooler with warm water in it. You had to stand in line and hope there was water in it by time you go to the cooler.. There was another cooler located a little further away, and even still that wasn’t great.  All the races i’ve run so far they had very cold bottled water @ the end of the race… maybe next year?


After the race I hurried home to go out on the boat w/ the fam…. yeah, about that. The weatherman lied. Per the weather this morning it was supposed to be 0-1ft seas, with the wind @ 5knots..instead it was 3-4ft seas, with @ 25knots.. wth?   It was banging us around all over the place. The plan was to go to Anclote Key –

Which is a pretty good little ride from Hernando Beach, it would have been a LONG ride had we continued on. Instead we turned around and headed back to a friends house to hang out by the pool. I’m sad we didn’t get to go to Anclote Key, my Dad said there are lots & lots of sand dollars =) I love sand dollars!

A house my dad is building...

That's my SUPER happy face!

See the pirate!

stupid storm.


I think I am back on the running bandwagon now. My running was pretty consistent this week.

Tuesday   3.16 @ 9:45/mile
Thursday 3 @ 10:03/mile
Saturday    1 @ 10:00/mile
Sunday   5kRace   @ 8:41

Why can’t my regular runs be that fast.. I don’t push myself, that’s why. I really need to step up my mileage, but the treadmill is SOOOOO boring.. I’m hoping to move my treadmill out of the living room and into the office. Once it’s in the office I want to get a little flat screen TV that we can mount to the wall so I can watch Tv.. Yes we have a tv in the living room, but in order to see it while I run the TM has to be out in the middle of the living room, and it’s just in the way. Right now its next to the entertainment center. I downloaded a podcast for my i-pod, which is okay, but it only keeps me interested for about 2.5miles, after that I start getting bored.

I am searching for upcoming races. There are quite a few 5ks coming up, yay! One 10k, and a 15k, then all the half marathons start in October, exciting!!!

— Well, its 8:45pm, and I haven’t done a lick of homework. I should probably go do that.

Good Night!

4 thoughts on “Run Thru Hell 5k

  1. Congrats on a great trail race! Also, keep up the great work on your running. Getting a consistent base will make you stronger and thus faster. I wouldn’t worry about any speedwork until you have a good month of consistent training in, but that’s just me. Looks like it was a fun weekend! 🙂


  2. Thanks! Speedwork scares me. I agree I need to run more consistently before I really worry about working on my speed.

    It was a good wknd, to bad the weather sucked on Sunday.

  3. Awesome race! We have a Run Thru Hell race near me also. No 5K option though, only super long distances. I’m not ready to commit to those yet!

    I have the same problem with not pushing myself enough during my non-race runs. I think the summer weather is partly to blame, it is just way easier for me to run fast (for me) when it is cool outside.

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