I like to read.

..but I don’t like to read school books. I mean, who does?

My extension for school was granted, I have till 2/2011 to finish… I know that sounds like SO far away, but it’s not. It’s 6.5 mths.  I gotta get crackin’ on this school crap. I really want to be done. I only have 3 more units in the class I registered for last night. If I’m a good student and sit my ass at this table for a few hours I knock out this class. Then the next class is some more boring crap, then the next class is where we get into the nitty gritty, that is what I’m looking forward to. I actually get to do crap that is related to my ‘field’.. This crap I’m reading now is just ridic. I mean, I suppose it’s useful, but it sure as heck doesn’t feel that way.

I don’t know that I will be getting in a run today. We are going out to eat some wings tonight, and I doubt I’ll run when we get home. I don’t really like to run after I eat, I don’t do well with my food jiggling around in my belly, yuck.  Running before we go out is not an option. I will run tomorrow. I have to. I have a 5k on Sunday and I’m not totally convinced I’m going to be able to finish. Lame =/

__ off to dinner__


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