A moment of Silence.

Today is a sad day in Florida, Hillsborough county more specifically Hillsborough county. When I turned on the TV this morning and flipped it to BayNews 9 the headlines were rolling that 2 officers from Tampa Police Dept had been shot; one was killed, and the other was on life support. Around 9am I received a phone call from Chris saying that they had just announced that the other officer had died.

My heart goes out to these families, I shed tears for these two families, and for all the officers at Tampa Police Department. This tragedy is senseless.

Officer Jeffrey Kocab , and David Curtis lost their lives today.  Both men had families, Kocabs wife was 9mth pregnant, a recent update in the above linked article says that she has gone into labor. Curtis has a wife, and 4 sons.

Please take a moment to pray for these families, if you pray. Or just send thoughts to these families. I can not imagine the pain and devastation they are going through.

Pray that they find the people that murdered these two officers.

I am editing this blog:

        There is a fallen officer fund for Officers Kocab & Curtis. I know money is tight, the economy sucks, and we are all struggling. I can’t help but think if these families. Officer Kocab’s widow is having a baby today, and Officer Curtis leaves behind 4 boys. Obviously some of us are just not able to contribute. But please, if you are able to contribute I promise it will be appreciated by these families, and by the Tampa Police Dept.

I am not one for solicitation, and I wouldn’t post asking for people to help if I really didn’t believe in the cause.  The way I feel about this tragedy is undescribable. I, myself, am wondering why is this affecting me so deeply? I do not know these families, and I do not know anyone that does know them.

Life is precious, and that’s a fact. I think with everything that is going on in Chris’ family right now, the deaths of Officer Kocab & Officer Curtis hit a little closer to home. Like I said yesterday, I’m not going to go into details about the sadness that is in Chris’ family. We are praying for a miracle.

Please keep the families of these Officers in your hearts, and minds.

Thanks everyone! I’m sorry my blog is so sad today.

Later today I will try to post something a little more cheery!


3 thoughts on “A moment of Silence.

    • They have released the names & pictures of the suspects. As of now I do not know if they have caught them.

  1. Update: They have the female driver in custody according to StPeteTimes.com

    Hallelujah. Now we just need the other suspect.

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