Humble beginnings.

We went to our old house today to finish cleaning. Can I just say that cleaning with no a/c really sucks, I mean not just a little bit , but it sucks A-LOT!

It was SO hot. We shut the power off to the house right after we moved out.I’m not trying to pay two power bills. The power bill at our new house is going to be big enough, thanks.  So I took some pictures of our old house.. We moved from Clermont to  Davenport, the rent was super cheap. My mom has told me several times that the first time she came to our house she thought “Oh my, Jena must really love him”  She saw it before we even moved it. It was a mess, the landlords were uhm, redecorating? Cleaning it up. I don’t think it had been lived in for a year. A tree fell on the 2nd bedroom during hurricane Charlie in 2004. The house had a slight tilt to it. If something spilled on the floor it rolled towards the back of the house. So weird. Nothing was level in the kitchen or the back bedroom.  We lived there from November of 2005 until May of 2010.. Long enough. It was a good start for us, I guess. It made me appreciate what I have now. I seriously thank God every day for this house, and all the opportunities we’ve been given in the 6mth. I have an amazing job. Chris is SO much happier since he’s been transferred over here, which makes me happy. He was really hating his job before he started working over here. We have this amazing house, and we live 2 minutes from the water. I took some pictures, so you can see why we were so excited to get into our new house.

Living room- You know you love the wood paneling.

standing @ the front door looking into the bedroom.

lovely pink striped wall paper, and the bathroom that has no door.

bathroom- obviously.

kitchen. bleh.

So that’s it. That was our humble abode.

It’s a 2 hr drive from our old house to our new house. After cleaning all day we were ready to be home, and then it happened; we got stuck in traffic. Something happened and they had the road shut down. They detoured us, we went down this ridiculous road. It was super narrow, it was a country road, clearly not maintained. They had traffic from both sides of the shut down road routed to this one little road, it was the stupidest thing ever. It took probably 45 min to an hour to get back to the main road.. I’m sure Pasco county will be getting a lot of phone calls about this. The road will be really jacked up after all that traffic was driving on, there were HUGE pot holes, I saw several cars bottom out, heard some scraping. Oh, it was ugly. I mean really, they routed all that traffic down the smallest road they could find. I took pictures, it was unbelievable.

Ruts in someones grass, I don't think they are going to be very happy about that.

sitting in traffic sure is fun.

I think that is plenty of ridiculous pictures for one day! Good Night.

Tomorrow we close on our house! YAY!


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