Decorating is hard work.

I’m so clueless when it comes to actually decorating. I mean really, really clueless. Decorating our house is going to be harder then I thought.

I want our home to be beachy, and comfortable. Not beachy and tacky, and I’m worried I’m going to fall into the tacky realm by going WAY overboard on some things.

I was looking on the Bed Bath & Beyond website. I found some, what I thought, were cute valances & a bed set. I asked around on one of the boards on the Nest. I was wrong, I was going overboard.

So now I’m stalking decorating blogs, and searching google like mad for beach inspired decor.

It’s going to become a sickness. Just a warning.

It’s late. I should go to bed. We have to leave here @ 730am to go back to our old house to finish cleaning. Not how I want to spend my Sunday.


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