Run # 3..

Whew! Run # 3 was much more successful then Runs # 1 & 2. Or at least I felt like it was.

Run # 1  2.72mi  28min, 10:26 pace

Run # 2  3 mi 30:01, 10:02 pace

Run # 3  2.41  23 min, 9:42 pace

So, that is better, right? It felt better. I couldn’t get in a longer run because a thunder storm was starting to roll in. Not long after I got in did it start raining. I did .3 of that run with Wyatt. That was our first run together, he did surprisingly well. I thought he would try to run way ahead of me and end up dragging me. He ran next to me and he did SO good. I was really proud of him. We only went around the block once. He isn’t used to running, so maybe tomorrow we can go a little further.


You can check out my run here MapMyRun – Hernando Beach Run in Hernando Beach, FL. I figured out how to work .. I run with my Garmin, but it’s kinda nice to know where I’m going to have to run ahead of time. Since most of the streets are dead end it requires a lot of back tracking, and going up & dwon several streets.  On my run tonight I got to see a lot of stick marsh. I’ll try to remember to take my camera next time.

WOW! I just have to talk about this right now. We just took the dogs out .. it is SOOOOO nice out. I mean SO nice. No humidity, it’s actually cool right now. I got goose bumps, WOW. It rained for a few minutes & it really cooled it off. I wish I could go run right now, it’s PERFECT weather for it. I wish it would be like that tomorrow night about 8.

Goodnight. I haven’t been sleeping well.. Shamefully I am going to take some tylenol PM & try to get some good sleep. This tossing & turning crap all night has got to go.


4 thoughts on “Run # 3..

  1. I love walking, running, biking with my doggies! I don’t do it often enough but I like it better than going alone!

    My question is how do you keep from getting bored with your longer runs? I think I need to break down and buy a new iPod since mine got stolen…

    • I learned some stuff today about running with dogs. Some from a message board I frequent, and the rest from a google search.

      How old are Gracie & Tucker? My google search found that you shouldn’t run w/ a dog until they have had all of their 1st year shots- Some people on the board said 2 years. I did a super short run with Wyatt yesterday so I don’t think it was harmful to him.

      I also learned that his breed is not the best for runner, he has a short snout therefore he has a harder time breathing & cooling down then some of the other breeds.

      This was our first run, so keeping him interested really wasn’t an issue. He did really well. I am not going to take him on any longer runs, for his safety. I’d hate for him to get injured just because I wanted someone to run with, y’know?

      Google running with your dog, or something like that- You will find some information on it; you should be able to find out some breed specific information.

      Also, YES buy a new i-pod!!!!! I don’t run with mine a whole lot because I run in the road and I need to be able to hear when cars are coming up.

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