New phone # = telemarketers galore.

Since we moved to a new county we had to get a new phone number. It is unreal how many telemarketer calls we get a day. I mean seriously? The St. Pete times called twice a day for a week until we finally answered the phone and said NO we don’t want the paper, STOP calling. Twice a day, can they do that? Alarm system people are calling, everyone and their brother has this phone number and they are blowing it up. Half of our families don’t even have our new house number. 99% of the time its a darn telemarketer. STOP IT!!!!!


Yesterday I posted about how I took Wyatt on his first run. I also posted about this on a health & fitness board that I go on. The responses there were:  Most vet’s recommend waiting 2 yrs before starting to run a dog.–Wyatt is 15 months. Well this never occurred to me that he wasn’t old enough to run. So I started doing some research myself about what people/vets recommend for running with a dog.

I found this site- It is pretty informative, at least it was for me.  This site says that your dog should have be a “couple” of years old before you take them running.  It also says that some breeds are better for jogging then others. Dogs with shorter snouts have a harder time breathing & cooling down because their nasal passages are shorter. Bully Breeds, which would be Wyatt, are one of the breeds that don’t make for great runners because of the short snout.

So, I decided that we will go on longer walks, and maybe a few short runs here and there. I don’t want to injure him, and I don’t want to do any permanent damage just because I want a running partner. He’s such a sweet boy, we would like to keep him around for a while!

We will continue to take Diva on shorter walks because her little legs can’t handle much more then around the block. She is so over it by time we get back to the house.


How attached are you to your e-mail? Since I started my new job my e-mail is almost like my lifeline. It’s taken the place of my cell phone. I use my e-mail to communicate with a lot of different people, more then I ever did at my last job. I currently don’t have e-mail access on my cell phone; I am still trying to convince Chris that I need my blackberry back. I left work a little after 4, by time I got home I had 2 new e-mails from the doctor, and one from a vendor. I just feel like I need to respond to the e-mails when I get them, not let them sit till I get to work the next day.  I communicate mostly through e-mail with the Dr. I work for. He forwards me things that he gets that I need. I e-mail him with questions that don’t need immediate responses. We meet daily, then after that , it’s e-mail city. What did we do before e-mail? I have no idea. I never had a job where I needed access to e-mail so much prior to this job.  If I can e-mail someone I’d rather do that. I find that people will answer their e-mails faster then they will answer a phone message; which if you think about it, is kind of sad. That is what a lot of our society has come to. We don’t communicate in person much any more, everything is web-based. We even have web-based conference calling.


Gotta go do some homework =/


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